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  1. I don't know if this thread has already been started but with the release of the iPad I am getting antsy for a new iPhone. I skipped the 4S and am waiting for the 5. Anyone know an expected release date for this?
  2. Sadly, probably much sooner than Dec 14, 2012... Which is the date I'm eligible for an upgrade. With the exception of the iPhone 4s each phone were announced in May and went on sale in July... October for the 4s. Their usual update cycle is right around the corner, but I personally don't see them releasing the iPhone 5 nine months after the previous version. Also the iPhone 4s came to China just last week. I did a Google search and its said to come out in October.. The 4s was also said to come out in May, I wouldn't be surprised if it won't be out until next spring.
    -Thats just my Apple Nerd 2 cents
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    My contract is up on my 3g, so I'll hold out to see what the 5 offers. The 4s isn't enough of a step up to start a new contract.
  4. sweet thanks
  5. keep 1 thing in mind..is iphone4S is like the ipad2..then how much more amazing could the iphone5 and ipad3 compared to one another REALLY be worth it
  6. It will be released . . . . as soon as you break yours and have it replaced.
  7. I just got the the 4s today. I got the 3gS quite a while ago. No problems other than a quirky volume button so I hope to recover some of the expense with me old one. The The 8mp camera and newest processor are all I need so the 5 won't have anything I will notice a big performance difference with is why I did it.
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    Apple always comes up with something. I stay on the 2 year upgrade track, so I went 3G to 4, and now whatever comes out this summer. I am pretty happy with my 4 so there needs to be something really cool, like a holographical UI or time warp capabilities.
  9. Legion

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    Yeah! A little Princess Lea who pops out and says "Help us Kentos, you're our only hope."
  10. I already got a factory unlocked 4 and factory unlocked 4S. I'm waiting for the one that is an implanted brain chip so I can just think stuff and it happens.
  11. The New iPad is actually super amazing compared to the iPad 2. The form factor may be the same, but when you turn it on it is a different machine. The display, the processor, etc. it all just runs smoother and looks amazing.

    I have been holding out for the 5 as well. If your upgrade date is close to launch just call your provider and tell them to upgrade you or you will switch to their competitor.
  12. They're saving that stuff for iphone 6, after you've already dropped the coin on the 5.....

    I'm rocking a 3Gs, and that suits me fine for now. I do 80% of my browsing/posting here on B&B on that bad Larry. My contarct is up this month, I'll wait it out until the 5 rolls around.
  13. I skipped the 4S too. Read somewhere the current version of Siri was more of a prototype/experiment. The next version should be much more useable. If you don't mind talking to your phone of course. So far I know of nobody that routinely talks to Siri beyond playing around.
  14. I checked last night and my contract is already up. My phone suits me just fine for now. I'm going to wait for the 5 also. Hopefully it will come out this summer.
  15. I would wait on the 5 for sure. I'd hate to be locked into a 2-year contract on the slower 3G network where everything is moving to the super fast 4G-LTE.
  16. My 4s is 4g already in most places.
  17. Well I been snookered again....
  18. My guess based on information from iMore is that the 5 will come out this fall about the same time the 4S came out last year. Given that the new iPad can be purchased with LTE my guess is the iPhone 5 will go this route as well. Any other added features would be a bonus since the 4 I have works just fine for me.

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