Invicta Pro Diver - Japanese Automatic vs. Swiss Quartz

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  1. My wife wants to get my five watches for our fifth wedding anniversary. I would much rather her spend $500 on five watches than the same mount on 1 watch. I like variety and I know some great watch values to point her toward (Seiko SKX Diver, a dressy rectangular Pulsar Chronograph, maybe an Orient Chief or Politician, probably some sort of fashion-brand Skeleton). Until we get to $700-1k range (maybe our 10th anniversary), I'd much rather have multiple good watches than one great watch.

    One of the watches I'll likely ask for is a pretty standard blue dial two-tone silver/gold Invicta Pro Diver. I plan on wearing it with khaki chinos and I wear a lot of blue otherwise. It will also go really well on the rare occasions I wear a blue blazer. For those of you who know Invicta, there are probably half a dozen models that fit this description with differences like bezel (scalloped vs. coin edge), diameter, and movement.

    In terms of movement, what are your thoughts on the Japanese Automatic (I think it's a Seiko 7S26) vs. the Swiss Quartz version? I've ruled out the Japanese Quartz version more because of its small size than the quality of the movement. The Japanese Automatic and Swiss Quartz are similar in price (around $70 and $90 respectively). I'm curious as to your thoughts on medium term (5+ years) reliability more than anything else, as well as possible differences in overall quality differences that come with one or the other movement that aren't apparent when comparing online.

    This watch will likely be worn once a week or less. That said, I don't necessarily mind winding and resetting an automatic. While the convenience of the quartz model obviously makes sense in this case, I'm trying to not let that sway me instantly since I do somewhat prefer an automatic purely out of an engineer's interest in the mechanical movement.
  2. I say go with the auto for the reasons you've already listed. Either movement would likely serve you well, so go with the one that's interesting! Wishing you good hunting on whatever you choose!
  3. Japanese automatic movements are serious workhorses. My original Invicta Pro Diver with a Citizen movement(6 years old) is going strong and my Seiko Orange Monster (5 years old) as well. And that one uses a 7S26.

    You have nothing to worry about.
  4. Auto for sure - I have one that is 8 years old and is still going strong. The Pro is about 40MM I think - the Grand Diver is basically the same watch - but is a around 45-48MM. A word about Invicta gold plating - it's been my experience that it wears off rather easily 6-12 months. It is not covered by the warranty.
  5. Well, you guys have pushed me in the direction I was already leaning. Any input on the different Japanese auto models? I'm looking at the 8928, 8928OB, and 9012. Any differences in movements, case, or bracelet? Or is it just the bezel differences?

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