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  1. hi , just joined - recent retiree living in Connecticut - thinking of going back to a double edge safety to keep the price per blade down - many years ago a friend of my father's suggested a method to sharpen and thereby extend the life somewhat of a double edge - fill a glass with warm water, press the blade against the inside edge and then move it back and forth - the glass surface of course smooths out the rough edge somewhat.

    Anyone heard of this method ?????
  2. As I'm new to this, I've never heard of it, but based on a current theory of why a blade gets dull--oxidation--I wouldn't be surprised if doing this correctly would knock the oxidation off and re-expose a good edge.
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    Yes, glass hones appear on ebay here and there. The blades used to be thicker, everyone were able to strop them to use them longer.

    With today's cost, I don't think it's worth it!
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    + 1 to what Luc said. 100 Red Pack Israeli Personna blades can be had for $10! (From West Coast Shaving, for one.)
  5. Theoretically, since the blade edges are beveled, the blade edge wouldn't come into contact with the side of the glass.
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  8. Welcome, blades are cheap enough nowadays especially bought in bulk, and safer than sharpening them:001_smile
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    That method worked back in the day - and lots of guys used it.

    These days, however, our thinner coated blades dont work like that. (because they are thinner and coated)
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    Welcome to B&B. Since you are in connecticut you should stop by and talk to Ray Fournier at Gentlemens Best. Can't remember the town, just google it. His handle here is thirdeye and he is very knowledgable

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