Introducing the Vie-Long Beehive LE in Silvertip

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    The Vie-Long silvertip Beehive brushes arrived today. The knot is extra stuffed with premium Vie-Long silvertip hair and presents firm backbone and a soft face feel. This brush should prove to be a soap eater!

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Knot Diameter: 25mm

    Loft: 50mm

    Handle Height: 55mm

    Overall Height 105mm

    Hair: Vie-Long silvertip (extra stuffed)
  2. Excited to get my order in. I can't wait. This is my last purchase for a while.

  3. You and me both!
  4. BullGoose

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    Here is a post bloom picture of my Silvertip Beehive after two uses.
  5. BullGoose

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    Here are a few better pictures of the Silvertip beehives thanks to my friend Teiste.

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