Introducing the New B&B Front Page (Pt. II)

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Nick, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. As those returning to B&B can clearly tell, we've improved our Front Page, once more. The features everyone's become accustomed to have returned, along with a new site-wide look, but new articles and content will still show up on the front page. We've also got a couple new features that will slowly be turned on over the coming days.

    If you prefer the 'classic vB' look that B&B was using earlier, you can choose your theme by logging in, going into your User CP, clicking Edit Options, scrolling to the bottom of the page, choosing "vB Default Style" from the Forum Skin drop down menu and clicking Save Changes.

    We hope you enjoy,

    -The Mods
  2. I like the new look!
  3. Sexy.....

    (No, I'm not talking about John's avatar.)
  4. Nice job!
  5. Very cool.
  6. Smoother yet familiar.
  7. I like it too!
  8. I don't like the new theme's color scheme, and I never liked the "classic" one, either. What I'd really like would be the ability to specify my own color-scheme theme. How about it? How about empowering me?
  9. Really like the new look!
  10. The web site equivalent of a BBS. Really, really, really nice job.


  11. I clicked on 'Shop' (dunno why I go there since you can't ship this stuff to me) and couldn't get back again. There's no top menu bar, or at least I couldn't find it.


  12. Pleasing on the eye. Good job.
  13. Too blue for me! Hate reading against a deep coloured background. Glad the old style is still available!

    Nice to have a choice.

  14. Looks good, thanks.
  15. Whoa!! I really like the new look. Fantastic job.
  16. Ya done good.
  17. Sticking with the older, more simple looking skin :thumbup1:.
  18. I really like the look/layout, but prefer the old colour.
  19. This is very nice guys. Thanks for always improving.
  20. Outstanding job. I really like this new look in its entirety.
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