Introducing The B&B 2012 LE Brush. SOLD OUT!! See post #227

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by BigFoot, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. BigFoot

    BigFoot Moderator Contributor

    :a50::a50:Hear Ye, Hear Ye :a50::a50:

    :jump:Gather round all B&B'ers :jump:

    Badger & Blade's 2012 Limited Edition Shaving Brush

    Due to popular demand we have again asked our own B&B Vendor and brush artisan Rudy Vey to make this years B&B LE Brush. For your approval...... A custom Rudy Vey.... in Aged Faux Ivory. The photos below are the Artists Proof of the brush. Mr. Vey has graciously agreed to make 100 brushes this year instead of 75 as we did last year.

    We will be offering them in two different knots this year. A TGN knot like last year, and Shavemac D01

    We will do a maximum of 50 with a Shavemac knot. So.... have a look and get your order in early. Make sure you note in your post which knot you are ordering

    The TGN Knot


    The shavemac D01knot


    Engraving on the handle bottom- Artists proof


    A quote from Rudy Vey to give you all the specifications and details:

    "This is a group buy for a limited number of B&B 2012 LE shaving brushes.

    The buy is open to all members of Badger & Blade and is limited to a total of 100 brushes. The brushes are numbered: 1/100 through 100/100.
    The brushes are laser engraved on the bottom as shown in the pictures.The handles are made from custom cast resin in an aged faux ivory color,the resin blanks are cast in very small batches so minute color deviations are present.We have selected the best quality blanks for this project.Every handle is turned, sanded and polished one at a time by hand. Small deviations will add individuality to each handle made.The handle height is 54/55 mm, the handle Shape is a classic Key Hole Style. Both of the knots diameter are a nominal 22 mm (this means the diameter where the hair leaves the handle is about 23-24 mm.) Both Knots are two-band finest in fan shape with a loft of approx 48 mm.

    The brushes will come in a plastic tube that is suitable as a travel tube.

    Selecting a specific number in the run (XX/100) is not an option, the first 50 brushes,or however many are sold, will be the Shavemac DO1 knots.

    How to order

    • [*=left][​IMG]First come-first serve! So everybody gets a chance at a brush, Limited to one per member...
      [*=left][​IMG]In the USA or Canada-The cost is $85 US funds for a TGN Knot. The cost is $170 US funds for the Shavemac knot. This price includes shipping with priority mail in CONUS or First Class to Canada.
      [*=left][​IMG]For international orders- the cost is $90 US funds for the TGN knot. The cost is $175 US funds for the Shavemac knot. This includes shipping with First Class.
      [*=left][​IMG]Payment with paypal to: [email protected]
    When paying with paypal, make sure your correct address is in your payment information; also include your B&B user name, your real name, and which knot you would like on the brush.

    Please, [​IMG]post in this thread Payment sent for either a TGN or Shavemac knot! The thread will be locked when all brushes are sold.
    Brush numbers cannot be reserved and modifying the loft is not possible.

    Please be sure to:
    Include your B&B user name, your real name and the knot you would like in the comments section when you make your Paypal payment.

    [​IMG] Time frame: We expect that all brushes will ship latest at the end of June/early July.

    I will update the counts each night:
    1. 49 Shavemacs
    2. 50 TGN Sold Out!! :thumbup:
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  2. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    Give Me a D01 Rudy !!!!!!

  3. BigFoot

    BigFoot Moderator Contributor

    Holy cow you are fast Brian.....................I will take a D01 as well. :thumbup:

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2012
  4. rearviewmirror

    rearviewmirror Moderator Emeritus

    payment sent for a d01!
  5. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    Payment sent for the D01. Woohoo!
  6. gearchow

    gearchow Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    money sent!

    And this is my first keyhole handle, nice.

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2012
  7. Shavemac D01, payment sent. I do not want my initials on the handle please.
  8. Payment sent for TGN Knot
  9. Payment sent for one Shavemac D01. Woo hoo!
  10. captp

    captp Steward Contributor

    Payment sent for TGN knot. Now the waiting begins.
  11. Payment sent for a Shavemac knot. Glad I listed this exception in the purchase sabbatical thread.
  12. Awww right when I'm in the throws of my Two-band addiction...but also right after the Holidays and the year I'm saving to pay for a Wedding?! The forces of the Universe conspire against me!!!:001_tt2:

    Maybe next time...Beautiful work as always. Enjoy fellas and take some pictures!:thumbup:
  13. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    Another D01 order!

    Money sent.
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  14. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Well done gents. It's a handsome brush.
  15. Payment sent for the Shavemac D01. Money sent

    **If possible...
    I do not want my initials on the handle please.**
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2012
  16. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    Umm...I think the "AP" in the photo indicate "Artist's Proof", not the owner's initials. :biggrin1:
  17. payment for TGN knot sent!
  18. rearviewmirror

    rearviewmirror Moderator Emeritus

    those aren't initials on the brush, the AP stands for Artists Proof, which is like the art worlds version of a 'beta test'
  19. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Payment sent for Shavemac knot
  20. shm


    Payment sent for a D01 knot :w00t:

    (is this a giant leap year? You know, the one where you go directly from January to July :001_tt2:)
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