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  1. Hi Folks,

    About 2-3 weeks ago I went to a wedding in Richmond, VA that my entire family was invited to. So I greet my mom at the airport (they were flying in from Michigan) and she gives me a hug and squishes my cheeks the way moms tend to do when they see their sons for the first time in a while- then says to me, "Wow- What have you done to your face?!?" and I replied "What are you talking about?" (Somewhat alarmed)

    She replies, "Your face...its the smoothest and softest its been since you were 5. What have you done? Can you tell your father to do the same?!?"

    It's interesting because- while I'm aware of the fact that wetshaving has vastly improved the health of my skin... its one of those things were the improvements have been slow and steady over time, and less perceptible on a day to day basis. My mom though, having not seen me in a few months- could detect the difference much more quickly- because she only had the last time she saw me to compare to (if that makes sense).
  2. I just proves that you can't get anything past mom.
  3. Very cool. Nice to have independent confirmation.
  4. Hey Michael,

    I just checked out your blog and thought to myself- well this entry looks mildly familiar- thanks for the shout-out! :smile:

  5. It's a great story. Everyone should see it!

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