Interactive DE Shaving Guide !

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    1.) Why a DE razor?
    2.) DE VS. Cartridge Razor (Mach III, Fusion, Schick Quattro, etc)
    3.) Ok – I want to shave with a DE, what do I need?
    4.) FAQ

    Selecting a Razor
    1.) DE Selection Guide
    2.) Different types of DE’s (TTO, 3 piece, 2 piece)
    3.) Gillette Razors (Jerry – DoubleE’s post)
    4.) New VS Vintage DE’s
    5.) Razor reviews

    1.) What the difference?
    2.) How long do DE blades last?
    3.) What’s recommended?
    4.) What do I do with used DE blades?
    5.) Reviews
    6.) Samplers

    Shaving Brush
    1.) Selecting a shaving brush
    2.) Different Grades of Badger Hair (The difference between pure, best and silvertip)
    3.) Maintenance
    4.) Brush reviews

    1.) Why shouldn’t I just use my standard foam in a can?
    2.) The difference between soaps and creams
    3.) Selecting a shaving soap or shaving cream
    4.) Soap reviews
    5.) Creams reviews

    The DE Shave
    1.) Prep
    2.) How to hold the razor
    3.) The importance of blade angle
    4.) The Do’s and Don’ts
    5.) Lather making
    6.) A Basic DE Shave

    1.) Sterilizing a DE razor, Basic care/maintenance, Cleaning DE’s

    Product resources
    1.) On line
    2.) B&M

    Still so much to add, I would consider it a great favor if you Gents would suggest additional links-a PM would be a terrific help!
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  2. Thanks for this interactive table of contents. Should be very useful:001_smile
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    Cool, thanks.
  4. Very helpful info. What a helpful place.
  5. is there a thread for choosing cream vs soap dis/advantages of each?
  6. Bump.

    Full credit to Gruder for digging this gem up in the first place.

    Come on guys, let's fill in the blanks in Jim's guide. :biggrin:
  7. What he said....:biggrin:
  8. How about making this a sticky
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  10. H/T to Gruder for digging up this Gem.
  11. I'm working on this one. Hopefully, I will have it completed tomorrow.

    I'm a little too tired to finish it tonight, but I'm almost done.
  12. Hi there,

    I'm definitely new to the idea of using a DE razor but have been wet shaving for a good few years.

    I see that at the top of this topic the question how long does a blade last was posted but there doesn't seem to be an answer. I've decided what razor I'm going to buy but just need an idea about how long I can expect the blades to last. I'm trying to compare it to cartridges which I use now.

    Also, has anybody used Fenrihan? It seems new and I was looking for a Canadian based outfit recently and didn't come across it until a week or so ago.

    Anyway, happy shaving gents.
  13. Wow!
    Great post under construction.

    How about a 'what to avoid' ?

  14. Blades can be very subjective. They're probably one of the biggest variables when using a DE, which is why newbies are generally recommended to try a sample pack.
    The number of shaves you'll get from each can vary by: the type of steel and any coatings (if used), how heavy your beard growth is, your hair type (and colour) and to a lesser extent your razor and technique.
    Some people will use a new blade every shave (which doesn't give them a fair chance to evaluate the shave), others will aim for double figures. The general average is 4-6 (iirc). They're certainly cheaper per shave than a Mach3 (unless you're one of the rare people who can get a month from one cartridge)!

    Fendrihan are well regarded here, they stock a good range and I believe they have good customer service.

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