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  1. OMG, what IS this stuff!!!! I just got my shipment from Shaving Essentials and you can smell the soap from outside the box! It smells like heaven! If it works half as well as it smells, I'm in love.

    I can't wait to shave tomorrow.

    I also got the usual samples from Shaving Essentials. I love those guys. A sample bar of Speick soap - unnecessary since I already have and love it. Wesley Scott clove and peppermint blam which wil likely go unused since I cant use balms too much, Provence Sante shave cream which I have been itching to try, and Ogalla Bay Run shave soap.

    Shaving Essentials ROCKS!!!!
  2. Yep, those guys rock.
    Send the peppermint & clove balm sample my way if you aren't going to use - I first heared about it literally the day my last order arrived :tongue:
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    IK is excellent. Highly underrated and priced right. Enjoy.
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  4. I just ordered the Institute Karite from Shaving Essentials. I'm really looking forward to trying it.
  5. I just got IK as well and used it all of last week. It's as good as advertised. Excellent lather that provides a comfortable and close shave. Very moisturizing as has been noted by others. Scent is OK, don't love it. Reminds me of Dove bath soap.
  6. I freaking love IK soap. It helps face an early day I tell you.

    The after balm is just as badass. If you like the soap, this is the next logical step, especially during the winter.
  7. I had to bail on the IK order because I discovered it contains lanolin, which doesn't really agree with my face. It's not evident from a lot of discussion of IK, aside from one of the reviews on this site, so I wanted to make people aware of it.

    Never fear, however, I have decided instead to order the pre de provence soap, which I am looking forward to.
  8. The lanolin is the same reason I passed on IK. Just got PDP in the mail and can't wait to try it.
  9. Another one to try is Provence Sante. It's my favorite soap now, just a tad better than PdP. My IK soap/cream/balm order should be here any day now, so we'll see if PS stands up as the king of my soaps at the end of the shoot-out.
  10. I almost tried the Provence Sante instead of the PDP, but it seems that the people are more hot or cold on the scent, and PDP seemed like a safer choice. I also like the tin it comes in.

    Of course, in the process of canceling the IK order and ordering the Pre de Provence soap, I somehow managed to order the PDP ASB as well.
  11. Umm, is "Tenured at Institut Karite" a level tag or a permanent one?
  12. IK is awesome soap. I find the shave from Provence Sante to be very much the same and it is less expensive and more readily available. However, I like the sent of IK better.

  13. No idea.

    If you check out the member list and sort by post count, you can pretty much see where the tag levels are and what they are.

    For "Tenured at Institut Karite", another member has the same tag (zachster), but there are "Top Toggles" above and below you two. (Near the bottom of the page)

    And looking at the next page, there are two more Tenured tags near the middle of the page. :confused:
  14. Three more soaps to try? Where will the madness end?:confused:
  15. Thanks. I hadn't encountered it before.

  16. End? Why would it ever end? )
  17. IK is a must have. The scent won't knock your socks off, but its not disagreeable and its sooooo protective and moisturizing.
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    Great another soap to try......
  19. If you like Institut Karité for its lather and moisturing properties, you should also try l'Occitane en provence .

    So nice with the skin. Smell is very light.
  20. Provence Sante is a great soap, and it has a very mild scent. If you like strong, pungent fragrance, you may find this to be weak. Other than that, it makes for a great shave.

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