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  1. How do injectors shave compared with a good DE?

    I've never considered them until another member raved about the Cobra Classic. I don't have that kind of $$, but it's possible to pick up a Schick or a it worth it?
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    Have you noticed that the design that won out in the Gillette world is a single edge Schick injector style design? Shaving with a Schick injector is a great experience. Plus, they can be had in nice condition for just loose change it seems like.

    Try it, you'll like it. I gar-onn-tee it.


  3. Ah...good old Justin Wilson. :w00t:

    +1 for Injectors. Gives a shave every bit as close as a DE, but with less effort, and far less of a learning curve.

    An Injector looks, and feels a bit like using a non-pivoting cartridge razor. It provides such an easy shave, that most of the time it feels like cheating. :lol::lol:

    If I could have but one safety razor, it would probably be an Injector. Simple to use, and well built. You really can't go wrong.
  4. Injectors are different, but I am a recent convert to SEs, and am becoming a big fan of the injectors. I can get incredible shaves using only one pass over my heavy beard and have a nice shave. Not BBS mind you, but very nice. So not only are they good, but they can be time savers.
  5. I get a closer shave with my best injectors (types E, G, and Schick adjustable) than I do with my best DE razors (Fatboy and Gillette New).

    That's one person's experience. With a different DE razor, a different blade, or simply better DE technique, it might be a different story. I do know that I haven't shaved with a DE in about two months, but I do plan to get back to them.

    If you plan to try an injector, you might want to get one of the cheap but good older models to start with. Types E, G, I, and J are pretty common, you may never want another, and you probably won't have spent a lot if they don't work out for you.
  6. Definitely try an injector if you haven't yet.
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    +1 and I am always amazed on how a bit of scrubbing bubbles and easy scrubbing the gold shines. There is something about the E and G models.

  8. Thanks fellas. Is ebay the best source for blades?
  9. Since buying an injector some months ago, I have not used my DE's at all. I use a Type I (Hydro-Magic). Other than buying an Ever-Ready SE to try I am using my injector all the time and have just bought an adjustable version of the injector as well.

    Of course YMMV but for me the injector is a superior shave to any DE I have tried.

    As for blades, Ebay is really the most expensive option. All you need are these highly regarded Schick blades made in China.
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  10. scottb,

    I use a few DEs, and a 'E' model Schick SE.

    The SEs shave differently from the DEs, but both give close comfortable shaves.

    I think that the Schick SEs are easier to use for new people, as the general shape & hold is similar to a cartridge razor. However the early model Schicks can be quite aggressive !

    If in doubt, I would get one (many ?!!) of each type; RAD - resitance is futile :001_smile

    Swapping razors in a rotation makes for a nice change.

    Have fun !

    Best regards

  11. I get good shaves with my Schick L1.
  12. I enjoy shaving with my injectors (an adjustable and an older G or J-type - not sure, it's one of those butterscotch-handled ones dating back to 1937 or 1939 I believe), but I don't use them that often because, to me, they're like driving an automatic transmission car after you've gotten the hang of driving a stick-shift - not as much fun, and not as much of a connection with the razor (or vehicle). Plus I'm really into experimenting with all my razors and DE blades right now before settling down on a few favorites - injectors don't offer as much variety.
  13. You might be lucky enough to find them locally, but,, and Amazon all have them. Or you might find a good deal on eBay, of course.
  14. You can get great shaves with injectors. My personal experience wasn't a smashing success but I can see why injectors have their advocates.
  15. Is there an all metal, or better yet all Stainless injector razor out there?

  16. Ok, so I got a injector type L and a 51 black tip superspeed today on ebay. Which will I like better?
  17. Only you can tell that.
  18. Entirely stainless, I believe not. The Pal adjustable and Personna non-adjustable are largely stainless, as is, I believe the Schick type O, but there are plastic parts.

    The Schick "Paul Revere" model was largely metal, I believe, although I also think I read that there was plastic somewhere under part of the chrome. Confirmation needed.

    The F type injector is all aluminum and brass. I have one, and like it, but it's not absolutely the best shaver among them, IMHO. These are harder to find. The D type is even harder to find, and seems to go for more money than I'd pay, but it's all metal.

    The early magazine repeater models are all metal. The injection mechanism is a bit different. I have a few of these, but have not yet shaved with them.
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  19. Began shaving with a Tech DE, switched to an Injector & stayed with it over the years after trying every new "innovation" that came on the market & still prefer the Injector with the SE giving it competition except in the "hard to reach/shave areas". For me, Injectors with good blades have and still provide the best shaves but I only speak for myself.
  20. So, one more stupid question:

    I just won my first injector...I know the Schick + Personna blades it can use, but what about the Feather Professional that the Cobra over at Classic Shaving uses? Do those fit, are they worth it, etc.?

    Like I needed another AD.....

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