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  1. what are the differences (how do the two compare) between injector razors (which I know nothing of) and DE razors?

    I've been DE shaving with my merkur 23 c for about 2 months, and liking it :thumbup1:
  2. I think the main difference between DE and SE, including injectors, is the blade. The SE blade is thicker, stiffer and it takes and holds an edge longer. If I were you, I would try a 1912 SE.
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    I have a Schick type N (M12; green package). The blade is noticeably thicker, therefore less sharp than a DE blade.
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  4. An Injector uses a different angle and as drews50 said, the blade is stiffer and holds an edge longer. It is lighter, more like a cartridge razor and it is easy to use too much pressure if you are not careful. Most people, including me, will say that a good Injector shave (or SE shave , although I cannot speak from experience about GEM and other SEs other than Injectors) is the closest you can get to a shave with a straight razor without actually using one. My first Razor was a Schick Injector and I still love them.

  5. I beg to differ, my Schick Injector blades are just as sharp as the average DE blade. The cutting edge of the blade is ground to the same level of sharpness as a Wilkinson/Schick DE blade. The average DE blade is .004 inches thick and the average Injector blade is .010 inches thick but the cutting edges of both are ground to the same bevel specifications. To imply that a thicker blade is less sharp would be like saying that a well sharpened Chef's knife is less sharp than a well sharpened paring knife or that a DE is sharper than a straight. The only thing that blade thickness affects is the flexibility of the blade.
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  6. Injectors use SE (single edge) blades instead of DE blades. The Injector blades also come in an "Injector", which is a cartridge (metal or plastic) that injects the blades into the razor head. It is an excellent design, because you don't have to worry with handling the blades. The Injector head is great for precision shaving, such as around the sideburns and under your nose, because of its slim razor head. The Injector also sounds differently when it's shaving your beard. I've heard one forum member liken the sound to a knife spreading butter on a piece of toast. I'd have to say, that's almost exactly what it sounds like. I prefer the audible feedback because it lets you know when you have the correct angle. They are a more aggressive razor than a standard DE razor, but I find that it gives a great shave with no irritation as long as you use proper shaving technique. I think they are excellent, and if you're interested in the Injector you shouldn't hesitate to pick one up. They are inexpensive and plentiful, so you should be able to find one for cheap. I could go on and on, but if you really want to know about an Injector get one and try it out. I highly recommend it! I hope this has been helpful.
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  8. You are right. A thicker blade can be as sharp or even sharper than a DE blade. I should have written instead that the razor/blade combination I own is not very aggressive.


    The "injector" that insert the blades into the razor is very fun to use. Also the sound is unique.

    As for the aggressiveness, my (limited) experience differ from rajun's and doug's. But, since I own only one injector razor, I am not a good reference.
  9. I would like to find a schick stick injector just because the shift knob looks so cool!
  10. You can vary the aggressiveness of the razor by varying your shaving angle. You can roll the razor more towards the safety bar but you have to be careful. With Injectors there is a fine line between aggressive and blood letting. I found that out about two weeks ago while shaving with my Father's J-1 at an angle normally reserved for my Superspeed. My wife thought she might have to call the local blood bank. I actually had to ask some of the members here what I was doing wrong. Supposedly, Injectors and SEs are to be used with the head flat against the face but a slightly steeper angle makes the razor more aggressive. Maybe you should try a steeper angle with yours and see what happens. I will not be responsible for blood loss however.

  11. One like one that was sold here last year?
  12. Yep thats it! I see them on ebay every now and then but never when I have the money.
  13. I've always used it with the head flat against the skin. Never thought it could be used otherwise as, when I tried changing the angle by about a degree or two, the blade tugs on the whiskers very uncomfortably. Tomorrow, I will try (very carefully) only half a degree.

    Thank you for the tip.
  14. If there is any tugging or pulling, STOP! You are about to need Emergency Medical Services. Give it a shot with a newish, sharp blade and see what happens. Good Luck!
  15. :tongue_smNah... nothing will stop me now... just like this guy :

  16. I've tried just about every angle possible with my Injector, and haven't had so much as a weeper. I do use a very light touch, however, which is easy since my Injector is so lightweight.
  17. There has been some talk about blade thickness and sharpness. I think all types of blades can be equally sharp. That being said, I think the thicker blades actually retain their edge longer than their thinner DE counterparts. They also tend to be more expensive, but that is for a wide variety of reasons.
  18. I agree with this I have been using a GEM Jr. SE now and then and it provides a closer and more comfortable shave than my DEs and I have yet to nick myself. There does not seem to be much wrong with the sharpness of the blade and whereas I toss DE-blades after 4 shaves I can get at least 10 shaves from SE-blades.
  19. I picked up one of these at an antique store last week. Now I just need to get some blades for it.
  20. Amazon sells Schick blades at a pretty reasonable price, roughly $20.00 for four boxes of seven with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

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