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  1. Recently a friend gave me a type G Schick injector, and a pkg of new Schick injector blades. this is my first injector razor...I've never shaved with one before, and I really like it:wink2:
    I'm still on the first blade but after two full shaves and some touch ups, the blade is finished AFAIC, and I'm not complaining...what I am wondering is, I've seen Personna injector blades being offered here and there so I would like to hear from injector shavers their thoughts on these two injector blades, such as which one do you like better (or which one works better for you)...and if there are other injector blade avialble...what are your opinons on those...TIA


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  2. I am only a very recent returnee to injector shaving but am in the middle of the blade quandary also. FWIW I have a quick growing, coarse beard. I started with NOS Schicks and was getting 3-4 great shaves. I then changed to Personna`s and agree with others that the first shave is rough but subsequent shaves are better. I could only get 2 shaves from my first Personna and was looking at alternatives such as Feathers and NOS as Chinese Schicks are not really an option here in Oz. I then got a tip about corking new Personna`s and used the end grain of a piece of Balsa to lightly make one pass across the edge, the results so far have been great shaves from the start and I am getting 4 shaves easily out of each. Personally I don`t think that Personna`s are as good as NOS YMMV. Why your NOS only lasted 2 shaves? Injectors are great shaves for sure, but the blade choices are a pain, good luck with it.
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  3. First off those, are not NOS Schicks as stated by veteran88. They appear to be the currently manufactured in China Schicks. I like the Personna but have found that the Chinese Schicks are better for me and I can get 5-7 shaves per blade. Is it possible that when you loaded the blade you may have drug the edge across the blade stops? It's easy to do, especially if the razor was empty when you put the blade in.
  4. Like Tom, I am getting 5-7 shaves from the Schicks. As a matter of fact, I have one in an E type that will go for shave number 8 in the morning.
  5. Sorry for the confusion, should have read, why your "Chicks" didn`t last........ but you got the drift I hope. Good point from Tom re damaging the blade, from experience it is easy to do and make the blade useless.
  6. I like the Vintage and Chinese Schicks. The Personna's are decent and the dispenser can be fussy.
  7. Getting back to this thread seems the admins have been changing things around. Several times I tried to respond w/no success having my reply posting. Anyways, we'll see if this one goes through...

    I recall loading my injector razor and there was not a blade in at that time...the blade inserted without hitting the blade stops. In fact, I noticed the front of the blade (left end) when going in, to go upwards then slid down to the stop after all of the blade was ejected from the injector. I'm sorry if I led anyone to believe the blade was toast after two shaves. I am in the habit of using a blade twice (safety razors) and calling it done. I'm sure there are more shaves left in it but I'd rather get the best two shaves out of it and not try for more...and both shaves were close...3 pass BBS, w/touch ups

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised the blades I have were made in China. I found the cardboard backing from the packaging today and it did mention the blades were made in China for Schick/Energizer. And again, I'm not complaining about the quality of shave...the blade did it's job yet I was wondering what else is available besides the Personna and what other's experiences have been using them.

    While we're on the subject of SE anyone familiar with the Hannaford SE blade for Gem type razors?...I found this pkg in a grocery store and had to pick them up...there are 10 in the pkg and the cost was $2.29. The pkg printing made mention these blades are made in Korea. I've yet to try one, and they claim they are stainless steel


    Reddick Fla.
  8. Never heard of them. What does the package say on the back? If it says made in Korea I would stay away from those blades. If it says ASR or something about Vermont street, than it's a Personna blade which are good.
  9. I believe the Chinese Schicks are the ones sold by Amazon.

    Edit: Yep, just checked my pack of blades and they're China made. You can use Amazon's Subscribe and Save service and get them even cheaper, delivered at the interval of your choice.
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  10. Amazon, and all carry them. I have found them at three seperate independent drugstores within 20 minutes of where I live, plus a couple others a little farther away. If you have a Family Drug in your area they carry them.
  11. Yes, I've been using my Injector almost exclusively since I got it. It just feels "right" to me! Since you're already used to SE, I don't think you'll have any problems. Injectors are different in that they're generally a lot lighter than most other razors (my Type D weighs practically nothing compared to my DEs) and the razor head is much smaller. You may have to experiment with pressure, but it doesn't require much, if any. You'll find it much easier to shave under the nose, as well as any other parts of your face that require "precision shaving". The smaller head makes it easier to see what you're doing and maneuver the razor appropriately. Some shave with the head flat against the face, but I find that using a more aggressive angle is the most effective for me. I don't know the exact angle that I use, but it's far from flat against the face. YMMV. Loading the blades into the razor is pretty darn cool, and no other razor has such a feature, (to my knowledge) except injector straights!

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