Ingrown Hairs - GO AWAY!

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  1. I recently started shaving with a DE razor. Unfortunately, I'm still dealing with the annoying ingrown hairs I got with my cartridge razor and electric razor.
    I use Tend Skin, but it's not getting rid of them completely.

    Any ideas on getting them to GO AWAY so I can see if my DE is actually going to help my skin to be clearer.
  2. I'm a recent convert to DE (and not looking back!) for the exact same reason- INGROWNS. I rested my face two days before starting DE.

    My routine (for comparison):
    -brush lather in shower (using a slightly stiffer "best badger" brush and a mama bear soap)
    -leave lather on face a few minutes (3-5 minutes)

    -use a softer sliver tip badger brush
    -currently experiencing EXCELLENT results with Real Shave Co moisturizing cream (available at Rite Aid amongst others)
    -warm water rinse before re-lathering each time

    Post shave:
    -warm water rinse
    -COLD water rinse to close pores
    -currently using Nivea 'sensitive' ASB with excellent results (keeps the face hydrated very well)

    -important: NO PRESSURE at all and short strokes help avoid the burn and/or ingrowns (for me)
    -suggestion: Do NOT go ATG until your face is completely healed (even after, I used short/no pressure strokes on my upper cheek until I had a 'feel' of the blade prior to moving to my neck)

    following the above, my 'hamburger neck' days are over!

    As always, YMMV but this works for me.
  3. Excellent advice already. I would go so far as to add "only 1 pass each WTG, XTG for now" until your ingrowns fully resolve. DE shaving will not cure your ills immediately, you have to give yourself time to heal. Don't expect as close of a shave as you got with cartridges for several weeks. For the love of God, don't chase after BBS right now!

    Good luck, and welcome to the madness!
  4. One of the things I've been concentrating on recently is hydration, both the body and the skin. Living here in Arizona, it can get really dry (during the winter, especially) and having dry skin can make it easier for ingrowns to set in for me.

    I'm a morning shaver, so I work very hard in the morning to keep the skin moist and prepped prior to the shave. Kyle's prep is the go-to method for me:

    I also use a homemade version of Tend Skin after my shave and then really load up on ASB (Proraso ASB, Musgo ASB, AOS, Nivea are a few of the brands I like).

    In order to keep my face in good shape, I wash my face when I get home after work with a mild, quality soap and a washcloth - and I work the cloth around with a little pressure, but not too much, trying to lift up any hair that has become trapped under the skin over the course of the day. I then immediately moisturize again with my ASB or fragrance free lotion. My goal here is to keep the skin hydrated.

    Then, before bed, I do a quick rinse of the face and re-apply lotion.

    You might think that my face would become almost oily because of all of the lotion, but this program and the Arizona weather keep my face in what seems to be a nice hydrated balance and has seriously decreased the ingrowns.

    As an extra precaution, I'd recommend that you change your towels and washcloth daily (or every other day to avoid any bacteria) and change your pillowcase often, too.

    Just my 2 cents....and best of luck in your case.

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