Indulgence of the Night 9/11 - 9/17

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day!' started by Scotto, Sep 11, 2006.

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    What's cookin'? What are you drinkin'? Discuss.

    Today it was pecan-crusted chicken breasts served with a rasperry coulis. had some sauteed yellow peppers from the garden as well. The baby had mashed sweet potatoes for his dinner :wink:
  2. Stuck at work, they're buying us pizza, but not from a good place.

    Such is life in the American workforce, circa 21st century.
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  4. Personal favorite last night - Mexican cold shrimp soup. Doesn't sound very gourmet, and less so when you see the recipe, but oh oh oh so good.

    Lots and lots of Avocados (ok, 4), diced
    Two seeded cucumbers, diced
    One large sweet onion diced
    3/4-1 cup Ketchup (to taste, but DO NOT leave this out, even if it makes your gourmet nose turn up)
    Good sqeeze of lime
    Hot sauce (your choice - I prefer one of the commonly available milder Mexican ones for this) to taste
    3/4 cup chopped cilantro
    Salt to taste (I don't add any)
    Grind of black pepper
    Mix all of the above with about two quarts Clamato.
    Serve in bowls, with diced, steamed shrimp piled in the middle, and Tortilla chips on the side.

  5. boboakalfb

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    Ahh...very similar to a mexican shrimp cocktail...this stuff is good if you guys haven't tried it. I used to have this every sunday during football was my father in laws favorite. :drool:
  6. In all fairness, I have indeed heard it called that too. But seems more soup like to me. And the mexican places I know that serve it, serve it like a soup (they also allow you to order any of a variety of seafoods in it - shrimp, squid, fish, mussels, etc). There is a recipe on, I think, for mexican shrimp cocktail that is similar to this. Actually, the use of clamato comes from that. The recipe that came from a mexican restaurant in the SD area used a based of shrimp broth (they just boiled the shells for a while) and Ketchup.

    Ah, for the mexican restaurants of Southern California. I can't believe how poor the mexican food selection is in NYC.

    Edit - Bod: Wow, that is a great idea. This really would be perfect football food.
  7. It also helps here in Los Angeles to have a guide who can take you to the authentic places in East LA. Going to have breakfast at one tomorrow that's supposed to be fantastic. Always an adventure.
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  9. Jim

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  10. this morning: a bowl of very good fresh yoghurt with brown sugar, apple, raisins and cinnamon. :smile:
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    Traveling this weekend into next week-

    Tonight Monti AFRICA -Spicy and complex
  12. This looks amazingly romantic Bob!! I think the after dinner can be so much better than the dinner, especially tonight, the night is gorgeous, the stars are out and the frogs and the crickets are serenading me... Enjoy!
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    Still out of town making the best of it-

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