Indulgence of the Night - 2012

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by joshmpdx, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Gents, share with us your cocktail of choice, your dram, your brew or choice, wine of the evening or anything that helps wind down the day.
  2. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Smooth, easy drinking Elijah Craig 18 this evening.
  3. eightysixCJ

    eightysixCJ Contributor Contributor

    nice day in the field followed by some great seafood, great sunset, and a dram of talisker.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Weller Special Reserve, Old Scout, and Sazerac 18 last night.
  5. Last night my cousin came over and we grilled up some chops and had a few glasses of Cabernet. He's always interested in my scotch collection, so we had a dram of Chivas Regal 18 (he's not a scotch man). Yes, I know it's a blend, but it's a damn fine one. I received it as a gift a year or so ago and was quite skeptical about it, but it turns out to be as good as some of my single malts. Worth a try even if you aren't into blends.
  6. Always Gin and 7up...always

    Edit: Almost forgot music, has to be old, usually Frank or Dean...
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  7. As it would happen, I am sitting here sipping on Jim Beam Black, neat. Don't claim to be an expert, but it's currently my favorite bourbon.
  8. Monkey Gland
  9. Last night was Glenlivet 15 French Oak
  10. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    I keep meaning to pick that one up.

    Last night was Rare Breed.
  11. Tonight it will be Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Perfect for a cold winter's night.
  12. Evan Williams 1783
  13. White Lady

    Great drink. Horrible name.
  14. Had my twice-annual craving for a White Russian tonight. Made it with grey goose and homemade coffee liqueur. Mmm.

  15. Pegu Club
  16. Tonight: The Glenfiddich 18.

    Its a good scotch, but I think I prefer the 15 from this distillery. It's enjoyable, but not untraditional or creative.
  17. I juiced two blood oranges, strained the juice, put a few ice cubes in and added 1.5oz of gin from McMenamin's Edgefield Distillery. It's light on the juniper (very light from my limited gin experience) and paired very nicely with the blood oranges.
  18. I had two glasses of Raven's Wood Old Vine Zinfindel and I am enjoying some Jura single malt whiskey while watching the Maple Leafs against the Sabres.
  19. noahpictures

    noahpictures Contributor

  20. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    7&7, a classic


    I must try this!!!


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