Indulgence of the Night 12/25-12/31

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by Dinder1, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    Time for a little nightcap after a busy Christmas day. I hope you all had a great holiday!
  2. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    I'm breaking out the good stuff tonight!
    Custom rolled Habano Robusto, rolled by Rodolfo Taboada in 2004. Taboada is a class 9 roller, and he packed this one with extra Lijero!:eek:
  3. Gorgeous lighter! I LOVE flint lighters! :biggrin: I only have the cheapies..... I'd love a dupont like yours!
  4. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    Yeah they are pretty, but in all honesty, I use a BIC lighter most of the time.:ohmy:
  5. Heavens why? Flints have such a nicer flame!
  6. Dinder1

    Dinder1 Moderator Emeritus

    Only because when you run out of those pricey little Dupont one shot can't just run out to 7-eleven and buy any old butane, the Dupont ones actually screw into the base of the lighter.:confused:
  7. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    I've said it before and I'll say it again-

    late bottled vintage port is the best bang for the buck in the world of dessert wine.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree!
  9. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    See? We agree.:lol:

    LBV's offer upwards of 95% of the vintage port experience for a small fraction of the price.

    I'm sure some maniacs will reduce '70 Taylor for their port wine sauces, but the LBV's are a much more sane choice.

    As an added benefit, they're ready to drink rightnow.:tongue_sm
  10. MacBaren BLB in my
    Mark Tinsky Coral Ukelele on the ride home from work.
    EGGNOG with Bacardi 8 and E&J Brandy at home
  11. Yellow Tail Shiraz, some Christmas cookies, and a Nording from Rocky Patel.

  12. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    Starving this morning, and haven't gone shopping yet. Dug through the fridge and found some potatoes lyonnaise from earlier in the week, and some sauteed spicy peppers and onions that I had made with fajitas last night. Sauteed that off in some butter, added some eggs and sharp cheddar and rolled it into soft tortillas with some salsa. Fantastic and free.

    Feeling lousy again today, so I am mulling some apple cider. Perfect.
  13. Spent NYD with my folks.
    Had the traditional Pork Roast and Sauerkraut meal.....excellent !
    Afterwards enjoyed an AVO XO double corona.
    Not a bad smoke....not sure they are worth the dinero, tho ??!!
    Also had my last EGGNOG of the season. :frown:

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