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  1. Well, as with everything around here, brushes are very YMMV. But I am perplexed why the Semogue boars seem to get so much more respect than the Omega.

    No boar brush is really expensive, the range top to bottom is much, much narrower than with badgers. But I wonder if psychologically the slightly more expensive Semogues create a bias toward thinking they are higher quality (good read on questions like this is book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely). Maybe not, though, they do feel different.

    What I love about the Omegas is the bristles tend to stay straighter. The Semogue, when well-broken in, end up looking like my head the morning after having a couple too many martinis! Bed head extraordinaire! :lol:

    I had an SOC, and I still have a Semogue 2000. I also have a black handled Omega pro (49) and the longer-handled barber brush (98 I think). I actually taded my SOC for the Omega 98, and the member on the other side of the trade thought I was nuts. But I like the 2000 better than the SOC. My favorites are the Omegas, though. Once they are wet and loaded with cream, they don't feel that different to me, frankly, but the Omegas are better IMO because they don't get so splayed out when broken in.

    Anyone else feel that way? The Omegas are certainly the best value going in brushes. No fancy handles, but terrific functionality for the money!
  2. Yes, bro, I agree with the Omega's assessment but need a Semogue to fully compare. Omega's are great for the money and it's a pleasure breaking-in.
  3. I've owned a couple of Semogues and one Omega. I sort of wish I had my Omega back because it really was a nice brush and it didn't take long to break it in. They are both great brushes but I think the Omega's are really nice and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
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    It is no secret that I really like Semogue, but... I also have a couple of Omegas and they are just as great, and they seem to break in faster than most of the Semogues.

    However, comparing the Semogue 2000 with an Omega is not quite fair, as the 2000 knot is the most floppy Semogue out there and the one that splays the most.
    If you like a firm Semogue, I will recommend the 1800 as it doesn't splay much, not even in wet condition.

    The two Omegas I've got is medium sized (11137 and 10005), so I still have to try one of the Pro's, but there are definitely more Omegas destined come this way that's for sure :001_smile
    Besides I have just run out of options on Semogue boars since I now have (or on the way) the whole line-up which Vintagescent or offers :001_rolle

    And besides the two above, Vulfix makes some very nice boars too.
  5. omega make best boar brushes selling my backup 10005 model on the BST...i have 3 of these best size and brush for hard soaps
  6. I don't own a Semogue (yet - I've been tempted), but at one time I had a Rooney 3/1 in Silvertip and sold it to make room for my Omegas. The Rooney was a great brush, but just not for me. And selling it gave me the means to have a couple more Omegas. I have four:
    • 21047 - (a.k.a. 11047). Mine is the all-boar version. A very small brush that I generally use for travel. Not much backbone, but quite soft and able to support a 3-pass shave. Knot/Loft/Height - 22/46/76
    • 10029 - A good all arounder. Knot/Loft/Height - 23/50/103
    • 80266 - When I want soft, this the brush. Very comfortable tips, but still able to load hard soaps. Knot/Loft/Height 25/52/105
    • Rudy Vey handled 40033 (see the pic below) - This is my favorite. The knot absolutely knocks me out. Great backbone with soft but scrubby tips. This one can handle about anything. I found the stock handle too short (40mm), especially given the stiffness of the bristles - I didn't have much leverage. So I sent it to Rudy asking for basically kind of an inverted Simpsons Eagle shape in black. Couldn't be more pleased with the result. Knot/Loft/Height - 24/48/100


    None of these was more than $20 as purchased. (The RV handle obviously cost extra.) Omega certainly makes a variety of great brushes with characteristics to suit many shavers. Call me a fan.
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  7. SHM, interesting comment, because I found the SOC to be floppier than the 2000. But the 2000 may not have been fully broken in and I no longer have the SOC to compare it too.

    No matter, though, I like the 3 boars I have and most likely won't be getting any more. Love me the Omegas, though!
  8. I got a Omega 636 Silvertip Badger as my first brush (might be a bit overkill for first brush but eh whatever). And I like it quite a bit.
    In my order with Italian Barber I went ahead and ordered a 10086 in White (since black was sold out) when the sucker was $7. It will be my first boar and for the price I figured why not.

    Though if I end up liking it more than my $45 636 I might be a little bit sad. :p

    I'll probably use the 636 for the couple of creams I ordered and use the boar on the soaps..we'll see.
  9. No doubt about it, great brushes Omega.
  10. I have an Omega Pro 49, and it's an excellent brush. It took no time at all to break in, and had minimal odor (funk) problems.
  11. Love Omega brushes and they are really quite fine. I have preferred my Semogue boars, ( 1305 & 1438 )... I would NOT hesitate to order an Omega..specifically the Professional Models. I really like them very much. I'm not so much into brushes anymore but I've owned my fair share going on 7 years in this "hobby"...
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  12. TCP


    My sentiments exactly. Have tried a 620 and an 830, but there was no comparison to my 49 Pro, 29 Baby Pro or even my 10067.

    The quality of the Semogues are really great, but when the brush and lather hit the face, they just do not work for me. YMMV
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  13. I know i tend to reach for my Omega pro 49 more than my shavemac silvertip anymore.
  14. That's an interesting comment, because what I like about my Semogues is they way they look like bed heads when they're well broken in. :001_smile For me, the splaying and the splitting of the ends leads to plenty of firm backbone but with very soft tips - my SOC boar is very possibly my favourite brush of all, even including my silvertip badger brushes.

    I do only have one Omega - a 10005. And I do like it, though to me it lacks the density and the backbone of my Semogue brushes. But with just the one, I have to confess I can't really compare fairly.

    I will agree that Omegas are excellent value - it's just that when we're talking about such low prices anyway, the difference between, say, £8 for an Omega 10049 and £11 for a Semogue 1305 really doesn't matter. And Semogue handles are much nicer than Omega handles.
  15. The only boar brushes I've tried are the Omega Pro 49 and the Semogue 1460. So far I think I like the Omega bristles better.

    But, I have an Omega 10066 and a Semogue 1305 on the way for further investigation. :smile:
  16. I have two boar brushes. Omega pro 49 was my first and it really is a great brush. I just recently received my SOC. The Omega took less time to break and and produced great lather from the beginning, the SOC is taking longer to break in. I actually like the broken in bed head look on the Semogues. Still cant go wrong with either brush. I'm really considering selling off my last badger brush and sticking to boars...until I decide to order a Chubby 2.
  17. I have an Omega 10005 boar brush and it does a wonderful job, especially after it was broken in.
  18. I must say I'm looking forward to getting my Omega Pro 49. I know it's big, I just hope it isn't too big for me personally, although for the money it is worth a punt. I need something that will attack a hard triple-milled soap and load up well, so hopefully this will do the trick.
  19. I find that its big enough, not too big. Its a great brush especially at its price. And it works great with soaps and creams. YMMV
  20. I just bought a Semogue 830 Boar and I love it. I'd like an Omega equivalent, a 31064 Perhaps.
    Then I'd like a Semogue 740 Pure Badger and an Omega Barbershop Pole 6736 Badger which is the coolest looking brush in the universe!

    Help me, somebody help me! :001_tt1:

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