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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by The Nid Hog, Dec 11, 2009.

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    I make this post to ask why Japanese aftershaves are not more popular among wetshavers. We have a good time joking about Mandom but, to be perfectly honest, it is far from the best of what is available in Japan. Lucido, Auslese, MG5, Valcan and Bravas are all outstanding and I would put them up against any of the other aftershaves that are in use among our members. Plus they're just cool as heck. What's more, they do have genuinely interesting, slightly offbeat aftershaves like Mandom and Eroica for the true seeker.

    They are also very reasonably priced. So why is it that none of the fine vendors who offer interesting and obscure (in the US anyway) products from Europe carry these? Why haven't they taken off in popularity like the other esoteric lotions that have been found in Portuguese and Italian barber shops, Austrian haberdasheries, and English men's clubs? Why haven't our members been crying out for the comfort and joy that they provide? I'm sure that there are a few of our members who grew up using Proraso or TOBS, but most saw a review on the boards and decided to find some. Why not more love for Valcan or Bravas?

    I have no answer. For me, it's no big deal to resupply my own modest needs. But not everybody else can rely on that regular trip to Tokyo, just like we don't all get to Rome, London, Vienna or Lisbon as often as we might like. What say you, my shaving brethren? Isn't it time to stand up and cry out for aftershaves from the Land of the Rising Sun?
  2. I would love to try some more Japanese aftershaves. I love Mandom. Importing costs are the kicker. You know how difficult it can be to procure Folid, here in the states.
  3. I agree entirely Nid. I have tried Mandom, Valcan and Bravas and they are all quite good as it pertains to both the quality of the scent and how they are presented (nice glass bottles).

    I live in a japantown so I can walk down the street to the Nijiya market and pick these products up. And if I don't like that idea then I can stop at the other Nijiya about three miles down the street from my work on my way home.

    Unfortunately, most members don't have such easy access to these fine products. In many cases they have to mail-order them and get violated by shipping costs in the process.

    I think that if one of the popular online shaving stores was able to get a line on these products and sell them at a reasonable cost then their popularity would blast-off.
  4. How's th Lucido? How does it compare to Valcan and Bravas?

    I would love to try some Japanese aftershaves, but I have absolutely no idea how to go about getting samples.
  5. Gruder

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    +1. Bring forth the reviews! I'm just itching to acquire a new AD! JASAD could be it!
  6. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    MG5 is the best I tried. I love that one. Bravas is also excellent. I need to finish my bottle to review it (I don't like to review a product after a week, I rather use it for a while...).

    Mandom is also great!

    Funny because I was thinking at what I could get, locally available, that would be close to MG5/Bravas sent-wise... Still looking.
  7. I would love to try them.

    AD without Borders!
  8. Feather Kanwa is one of my favorite ASBs, and Mandom! is a great AS as well. I mean, c'mon, how could it not be? :thumbup1:
  9. Feather Kanwa is the aftershave I use always. IMO, aftershave is not about scent, it's about healing and making my facial skin feel good after a shave. Kanwa does just that. I use cologne, EDT's, etc for their scent.
  10. We just needed someone to lead us, someone of great knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

    Looks like that's you! :thumbup:
  11. :thumbup1:

    Hmmmmmmmm...I think I may just have to look into this a little deeper.

    My first thought is that shipping hazmat will be the Floids.

    PM your interests....
  12. PM sent :lol1:
  13. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    This is the first i've even heard of some of the previously mentioned A/S's!

    let's get some more info!
  14. Just soaked the screen.....:lol::lol::lol:
  15. Exactly. I have Mandom only because a friend of mine came back from Japan, otherwise it will be almost impossibe ( and very expensive) to get.
  16. Always be nice to ex-girlfriends (after the smoke clears). The ex is hopefully bringing me a couple types back from Japan. Thanks to the BB members here for the recomendations.
  17. For god's sake man, you're tempting addicts, preaching to the choir, enabling those most seeking enabling...but to hell with the aftershaves, what about the balms???

    Is there a USA online vendor of these?
  18. Here you go, they have Mandom in stock!

  19. Indeed. So as not to incite a maelstrom of jealousy I won't say publicly that I can get on my bike and have every one of the aftershaves you mentioned within 30 minutes. Oh sorry, it just slipped out! :w00t: I've even staked out a few remaining strongholds of Mandom supply. :thumbup1: Of course actually getting them to my B&B brethren is the tough part. :closedeye

    But yes, something must be done...about that there can be no doubt. I used MG5 this morning and it simply kicks ass. Lucido unscented is amazing. I may have to do up some more packages for the folks here...I put two on the BST months back and they lasted about 10 minutes. Lucky Luc! :001_tongu
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  20. Actually I see you can get MG5 on Ebay but it costs $19.00 plus $14 shipping from Japan. $33? Don't do it boys - that's a rip-off. Webichi also charges $24.99 for costs about $12 here. :blink: Their Mandom is a deal though!
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