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Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by Assassin, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. I got store-brand Memphis style bbq sauce that tastes just like crappy Kraft bbq sauce, except a little tangier. I didn't want to buy a mega size bottle of chipotle hot sauce because, well it's A. Too big B. Too expensive ($6.49)...C. I don't think it would've made much of a difference other than add heat. I added a little more vinegar to balance the sauce out, but my efforts failed.

    I'm really, really disappointed in this sauce's taste. I expected much more from a bottle that costs $3.00. But this is what I get for buying store-brand and made with inexpensive and poor quality ingredients and loaded with fake sugar(HFCS).

    At this point I'm ready to throw the bottle away and buy Carolina-style sauce.
  2. Sullybob

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    You're in Japan?

    What didn't you like about the sauce? You need to bring it to a simmer after you added the vinegar to help tame down the vinegar taste. Brown sugar will help balance the acid, but it needs to be added while it's at a simmer.

    Your best bet for quality BBQ sauce is to make it yourself.
  3. Jim has some BBQ sauces listed in the Sauce depository thread in this forum. It's easy to make your own sauce that will beat anything in a bottle.
  4. ouch

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    It will taste better if you just drive it past Jim's house.
  5. saf


    I did some R and D for a BBQ Sauce line what a terrible experience. They were sugar based and nothing good about any of them and I had to test like 15 of them what a waste of meat. Take the advice of others and make your own you won't regret it and you will pick up a good skill.
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    Most BBQ sauce that you get at the store is terrible. Don't waste your time. Once in a while I pick up a bottle from a local place, but that's about it. There are some excellent recipes archived here. You won't have any trouble finding the ingredients that you need at a Japanese supermarket.
  7. Except for Bullseye. Bullseye rocks the world.
  8. Live in Japan?

    Nope, not anymore. Use to live there, but no longer do. Also, I need to fix the one I got, before I go off and buy some others I've never tasted.

    The only reason I bought store brand memphis style was because the usually bbq sauce I like was out of the question at the time. It was too late to drive to the ghetto and pick some up. I put some brown sugar and ketchup and it's mellowed out a little. I just need some heat and I'll just throw in some canned chipotle sauce in there or I'll blend the peppers and sauce with the sauce and cook them together.

    Damn this is making me hungry for some bbq. I wish I had some ribs or chicken right about now. Also, this HANDS DOWN the best bbq sauce on earth. It's too bad they don't make bigger bottles.
  9. Alacrity59

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    hope it is 3 or 4 bucks a bottle so I can jazz it up with my own additions.
  10. Sullybob

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    I assumed you lived in Japan because that's what your location shows.
  11. A well regarded local BBQ place makes no secret that their sauce starts with Open Pit as the base. It's what they add to it that is the secret.
  12. Kickass bbq's solution to bad sauce is simply to add some Jack Daniels or Jim Beam and mix thoroughly.
  13. Alacrity59

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    I am intrigued by sauces that don't really taste all that thrilling by themselves but really enhance the meat they are applied to. I'm thinking of some tamarind based sauces.

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