Impossible to keep from rusting?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by SAPed, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Just finished a week with the CVS Single Edge blade. Although I wiped it off each day, that thing was quite rusty by the end of the week. Considering the risk of cuts by handling the blade each day, and the apparent ineffectiveness of wiping it off, I'm thinking I won't even bother trying to dry the next CVS SE blade I use. But, I'm wondering about that rust if I cut myself. The blade shaved well other than that.
  2. Have you tried the dipping in alcohol trick? That might work. Carbon steel blades are really hard to keep from rusting. You might want to try to coat the blade in light weight oil too.
  3. Had better luck this week. After each shave, I took the blade out and wiped it down and the razor head. I left it out to air dry while I rinsed my brush, cleaned up, got dressed. Then would wipe it down one more time and put it back in the razor. Not too bad, sounds like more effort than it is, and the rust was just down to a few spots. Not sure its worth the effort, or of much interest, but thought I would follow up the initial post.
  4. I store my blades separate from my razor and I never have any rust issues
  5. I just rinse with hot water, shake, open the butterfly doors and let it airdry... haven't had any trouble with rust.
  6. I don't have any issue with my DE blades, or my stainless SE blades. The rust issue was only on the CVS brand SE blades which I guess aren't stainless. If I leave these CVS SE blades in the razor, without drying, it actually stained the head of my GEM pushbutton razor.

    It wiped off pretty well, don't want to make a big deal of it, just was surprised by it.
  7. The CVS blades are carbon steel, as are the Treet and Gem Blue Star SE blades. I take them out of the razor, pat dry in a folded hand towel and store in a small plastic container. Mine don't rust, all I ever get is a few small black spots on the sides.
  8. I'd make sure the Razor Bed and lid was dry as well, that moisture could be the Culprit.
  9. Whatever ASR uses to coat the edges of their carbon steel blades, it seems to do a good job preventing their edges from rusting, although the sides of the blades stain almost instantaneously as soon as water and lather washes the factory oil off.

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