I'm Getting this Open Comb, Any Comments?

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  1. Never used open comb so I didn't want to spend too much. Not really sure what the benefits/difference is versus solid bar, but I want to try out an open comb. This is the Razorock Jaws three piece. Only cost $15. Hopefully it will give me a good idea if open comb razors work for me before I look to invest further in them. Any of you guys use this razr and have any coments? Thanks.

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  2. I've never used that make of razor, but OC razors are only as aggressive as you make them. By that I mean if you use too much pressure, bad angle, etc. they'll let you know. Really, the same as any DE razor. Just go easy at first until your technique develops.
  3. I've not used it, but it looks a lot like a LC NEW. If the shave is half as good as a LC NEW, you will be hooked, never again to use a safety bar razor. One of the best shaving OC razors I have is a Cooper that I paid $5 for at a flea market.
  4. OC is the way to go. You cant go wrong with that razor, tried it once and it's a smooth shaver.
  5. The RazoRock/Cadet OC's are surprisingly smooth and effective. Killer deal for the price.
  6. At that price....... who cares?

    If it is not for you, PIF it off to someone else but say why you don't like it so someone else who does not know what it is, is not disappointed too.

    Saying it is too aggressive for you might just be the ticket for someone looking for "more bite" on their razor than they now have
  7. Cadet razors are "the latest" buzz. I think they're gonna make it; most people like them.

    My first OC was one of theirs and it was a real pleasure to use. Noticeably different from my dozen safety bar razors. But it was a good introduction for me to the OC experience. Three different blades I've used and nary a nick nor hint of irritation.

    It's worth the low investment. And someone will deal with you for it if you're unhappy. Go fer it!
  8. DEW


    That is an excellent razor for the person who likes aggressive, it is one step below the Muhle R41 in my opinion. I use three razors, and I believe all have the same slant, Jaws, Cadet, and Fatip which is the same IMO only the Fatip has a narrower cap which exposes more blade, but the gap and slant under the blade is the same.. I know some may disagree but I think they are the same.. Of course opinions are like buttonholes everyone has one, if you know what I mean. :a50:
  9. I bought a Fatip because I think the whole razor is brass, while I think the Cadet /RazoRock/Matador OC razors have zinc alloy heads. That said, there seems to he a slight preference for the Cadet OC among those who have tried both. At least, the threads I've read here give me that impression.

    I like the Fatip, or learned to like it once I found the right blade (Voskhod, for me, in that razor). I haven't gotten good shaves with a vintage NEW LC, my only other OC experience, sadly.
  10. I have that one under the Cadet name.... same handle and everything. Shaved with it once and had a very nice shave. I was using a UFO Kaiser Short handle though instead of the handle that came with it. I just had to make sure that the blade was aligned properly before I used it.... they seem to get cock eyed if you aren't paying attention. Great shave at any rate.

  11. I have the same razor, but the Cadet version from Shaveabuck....it is a great razor and at the price Italian Barber is selling it for, it is a bargain. You do have to make sure the blade is properly aligned when loading it, but I don't find it too aggressive. Some people don't like the fact that the handle is thinner than some other models, but the weight and balance are perfect in my opinion to be able to use the razor with no pressure. I do one pass with some cleanup polishing and I get a DFS. I would only use it WTG and/or XTG for at least the first week to let your face adjust as it is an aggressive razor. That said, I find it fairly gentle on my face and very easy to find the correct angle, even on the jawline. I use it every day and have only nicked myself once when I wasn't paying close enough attention. I use it with Astra SP, Big Ben Blue and Crystals. All three blades work very well.
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