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  1. Does anybody know where to get a surplus of Mach 3 blades? My friend keeps asking and even though I told him I've gone back to DE shaving, he should try, he's being a butthead. Any help would be appreciated. Are ebay mach 3 blades safe to use?
  2. As long as the package is sealed (from the bay) I would think they would be fine.
  3. Have to be careful, there are a couterfeits on ebay that will cut your face up... check feedback for sure and make sure they offer a return.

    Nothing to be embarrassed about, the Mach 3 is a great razor.
  4. When I was using cartridges. I bought some mach 3 turbos from ebay and they were horrible! Counterfeit as hell even though the packaging seemed legit and all. They ripped my face to shreds. That was the main reason going to DE believe it or not. I guess it was good that I got screwed over:) I wouldnt go near the ebay one though
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    I think Costco sells them in bulk. Maybe you can try there.
  6. I think Sam's Club also has them in bulk.
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    Keep an eye out for sales at the regular stores. A while back target had an 8 pack for $12. I went and stocked up.

    Of course now I'm investigating the possibility of moving to DE's and just keeping the Mach3 for travelling.

    Generally I get the feeling that if something looks a lot cheaper than the stores you do have to ask why, and where they have come from.
  8. ive benn burned by counterfit m3s on ebay. id stay away. the second they touched my face you could tell something was not right.
  9. While I no longer use these, I found this site interesting about counterfeit blades:


    I just can't believe a factory somewhere can make a counterfeit item (whether it be razors, cigarettes, drugs, etc) and introduce it into mainstream markets.
  10. That site is most interesting and very worthwhile of more publicity, I wouldn't have believed as much effort would go into faking the blades, when you can steal them far easier.......

    Mind you though, as there is a factory in China producing FAKE eggs!!!!!! then anything is possible!

  11. Ok, now does anybody know where to get the Regency/Regent style Mach 3 handle in Ivory that vulfix, T&H, EJ carries for a decent price? I'm going to buy my buddy that for his bday but dude...they're either in european currency or too expensive. I know classicshaving.com carries the longer handled ones but he wants the fat chubby one. (gave him an SS I had...maybe he'll change his mind...but until then, help apprecaited.)
  12. Edit, nevermind - discontinued.
  13. I posted a link to what I thought you were takling about, then realized it was discontinued after posting it.
  14. oh...ok...hehe...i'm slow today

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