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  1. I bought a new Illinois no. 361 strop a few months ago, and haven't really used it all that much. It's the one that has a barber's end and is made from cowhide. At first, I noticed that there were two or three wrinkles across the width of the leather, and now, in using it more recently, I notice that there are several more like this, going across the width and along the entire length (it's been hanging in a closet). Judging from the past two shaves that have resulted, and in looking at the edge with a 20x loupe each time, it doesn't seem to hurting the edge of the blade, although the wrinkles can be felt as the blade passes over them.

    Can anyone verify that this is normal with the no. 361 strops? And in any case, is the bumpy ride going to be a serious technical problem rather than just cosmetic? Apart from this, and apart from it sort of feeling like stropping on cardboard while new, the no. 361 seems like it might be ideal for newbies as the surface seems damn near indestructible.
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