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  1. Yes, I know that is one of the generic titles that gets assigned after a certain number of posts. But, I really will tell you something tomorrow. I have been imbibing a bit, but a certain member of this forum really went above and beyond and made my day (scratch that, make it "made my month). I hope I can sleep tonight- waiting for a new shave experience thanks to him. I will post my results tomorrow. This place is unbelievable. :001_smile
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  3. O.K., I guess we'll just have to wait. :cursing: :001_tt2: :001_tongu :001_smile
  4. Okay, I know I left people in suspense, but as you will see that is how I felt all night long. I got home from work around 11 PM. It was friday, so I was having some adult beverages and visiting B&B. The wife comes in and drops an envelop in my lap. I look at the senders name- ooh, the Benton Clay Vetiver PIF I won from Pozzska came in. I am a soap guy- I was juiced. I open the envelop, feel through the packing material, pull out a box containing a beautiful Semagogue brush. WTF? It is beautiful. I have been wanting to replace the VDH brush but this is totally a surprise. I reach back in and pull out a black handled Super Speed. I about jumped out of my chair. I have been wanting a vintage and this thing is in GREAT shape. Reach back in and find the Benton Clay- very nice smell- I will be buying this soap soon.

    So, I wanted so bad to run to the bathroom and shave but thought better of it (adult beverages and all). Morning didn't come soon enough. I put a Personna Med Prep with two shaves on it in, soak my new Semagogue, then whip up some DR Harris Arlington- didn't want to throw in too many different things at once. Results- excellent BBS shave, zero irritation. A big thanks to Pozzska- it was a rough week at work, and this PIF really made it all better. I hope one day I can be in the position to be this generous. Oh, and I will bring the soap into the mix tomorrow. Sunday is usually a non-shave day, but what the heck.
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    Outstanding....everyday I read something here that makes me certain that this is the best community online. Good on ya Pozzska ;-)
  6. Well here is the song for you to celebrate!

  7. Somehow I have never heard that. Sounds good while still smelling the 4711 aftershave :001_smile
  8. Nice! Are you still going to tell us something tomorrow?
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    Do let us know how you like the Benton Clay.
    I found the scent very pleasing.

    Sounds like you're on a roll. Enjoy!
  10. Nah, I'm kinda the quiet type:lol:
  11. I will be using it tomorrow. I don't normally shave on Sunday, but this isn't a normal situation :001_smile
  12. That is the thing I love most about this forum. A generous spirit and general willingness to help one another. How are you liking the Personnas?
  13. That is fantastic. What a great read. Haven't won any PIF for the move to DE yet.... This is the best forum I have ever found hands down.
  14. Sounds like a great shave!

    But don't you know if you start a thread with that title you are supposed to not come back for a couple of months, and then when you do come back act like you never started a thread telling people you was going to tell the something and completely ignore any posts or pms asking about it?
  15. OC your not C. Reed or related to C. Reed by any chance? :001_huh:
  16. So far, so good. Breaking open the second one tomorrow, I should be able to say more then. I did include one of them in a Feather and cream PIF I sent out to another member to spread the knowledge. I usually know by the second blade whether I like them or not, so if the second one is good they will go on my "to buy" list.
  17. I'm breaking new ground:001_smile
  18. Go back far enough and we are all related.:001_smile
  19. Are you sure? Your long lost relation C. Reed made this into stuff of B&B legend!

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