If You Don't Use A Barbers Hone, What Do You Use To Refresh Your Razors?

Discussion in 'Hones/Honing' started by Scissors, Feb 3, 2010.

What Do You Use to Refresh Your Razors?

  1. Cloth strop pasted with chromium oxide

  2. Balsa pasted with chromium oxide

  3. Cloth strop pasted with diamond paste

  4. Balsa pasted with diamond paste

  5. Chinese 12K stone

  6. Shapton 16K stone

  7. Shapton 30K stone

  8. Coticule

  9. Escher stone

  10. Other Natural Stone (for example, JapaneseĀ—please say which!)

  11. Other (please say what!)

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  1. I'm curious because I have a razor that I think needs refreshing (which is odd, because its one I bought new, but that's another story) and am leery of getting a barbers hone from eBay. Curious to see if there's a consensus among those who don't use barbers hones.

    Edited to add: for any given choice, please give a brief account of your routine. Nothing fancy (unless the routine is fancy! :wink:) just short and sweet. For example:

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  2. Coticule, Nakayama, Thuringian.

    Depending on my mood.
  3. Nakayama = Japanese antique natural stone?

    Thuringian = classic Escher?

  4. you can use any final finishing stone. As long as it does job that is all matter.
  5. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    i agree to a certain point, but different finishers put a different feel on the blade. the difference, say, between a coti and one of those crazy superfine japanese stones is very noticable

    ive got a chinese 12k that suits me fine (though i also use pastes, from time to time)
  6. I figured that all of these would work. I want to see in general if there's a clear preference. And the more people who use a particular tool, the greater breadth and depth of knowledge there is out there.

    I have the Shapton 16K. But if nobody uses it, I'm on my own about how many laps, it is crucial to lap the stone, any special tips or tricks. I could end up messing up the blade to the point I'd have to send it to a honemeister.

    OTOH, suppose a lot of people use coticules. Then there's experience out there I can draw upon. Same thing if a lot of people use Chinese stones, or pasted strops. I can ask a question and get an answer (or answers).
  7. The question you are asking don't have straight forward answer to it.
    There is a lot reason' to use particular stone.
    Availability of the stone.
    what kinda job stone will do?
    How hard or easy to use?
    so on .
    That is why you poll question will have bias.
    Now if you want to know how to use your 16k shapton is different story.
    shapton 16k very fast cutter(compare similar grit another stones).
    Most people makes mistake by doing too many strokes on 16k.
    if you have moved to 16k on time then you will never need more then 4-10 strokes.
    Hardest to know when to move and from which stone you will move to shapton 16k
    They all will have different signs.
    i should add this" Try to get Maximum sharpness from every single grit stone. example,1k,4k,8, etc.
    If your early stone is norton 8k you will move only when your razor will cut arm hair and hair will fall off . mostly on the blade.
    try get this from norton then move to shapton 16k and make 6 strokes you done.strop shave.
    what happens if you do instead of 6 ,18 strokes?
    shapton will broke down the edge and you will have small chips on your blade.
    hope this helps. gl

  8. I doubt it's an antique. The way it works as I understand it is that some guy owns the rights to the name Nakayama despite the actual mine not being used, so he slaps the name on rocks from nearby mines at a whim. I have no idea how accurate that info it, but it's what I read.

    I own both a classic Escher (black) and a mystery grey/green of unknown origin.
  9. I use a variety of refreshers, depending on my mood/what's handy/what else I'm doing. I use either a linen paddle with a bit of harbor freight white rouge on it, or the Shapton 30k, or the Maruka Nakayama Asagi. The paddle is handy if I'm watching a show on my computer, since I don't risk getting water on the electronics. The rumour about pastes weakening the edge are bunk IMO, the main thing is to keep the pastes extremely thin, and make d*mned sure you don't let the strop sag (not a problem with a paddle) and use the same ultralight pressure you would if you were using a hone.
  10. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    Depends on the razor, what it needs and my mood. Sometimes an Escher, others one of the three J-Nats finishers (Maruichi Maruka Nakayama, Nakayama Kiita and a suspected Nakayama Iromono) I've accumulated, sometimes diamond paste on a paddle strop and still others diamond spray on hard wool. And of course, sometimes a combination of any of the above.
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  11. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    I like to use a Spyderco UF and have been using the entire line for a while and love the edge off of it. If the blade is mildly dull I may pass it for a quickie on crox but majority of the edge is not getting back to normal I'll use the UF.

    Im not a fan of pastes, I don't like diamond paste edge, it just feels harsh. I think there is a term "too sharp" IMO. So anything off a Shapton over a 16k just kills my face.

    But I have been tempted on using the Dove red paste just for giggles
  12. CrO,
    Diamond spray
    Nakayam Asagi
  13. Needs to be a multiple choice poll :001_smile

    Shapton 16K, 5-10 laps
    Shapton 30K, 4-5 laps
    Asagi/Kiita blend, depends on the edge
    La Petit Blanche Coticule, 30-60 laps on water only
  14. most people don't start learning how to hone a razor when already in possession of a stone collection. I'm partway through rehoning a somewhat abused vintage ebay special, hoping for a low cost learning curve.

    I have more stones than I can name, and less experience with honing razors than I'm happy with.. so as far as refreshing a razor, it'd be a natural stone. Claiming I can tell an unmarked waterstones provenance by feel is something I'm reluctant to do. Appearance alone isn't enough, and being sure isn't the same thing as being right.

    Given that i'm well supplied with a variety of choices, I'd ideally try the razor on several stones, and use the one that worked best. I don't have any reason to think that ALL razors would respond best to ONE kind of rock. I'd almost bet otherwise.
  15. I've been using a coticule with water followed by a chinese 12k.
  16. I don't touch up my razors.

    I buy a case of 100 Gold Dollars, hone them up, and once they get dull, I throw them in the bin! Still cheaper than Mach 5 blades!:w00t:


    I use Dovo white with daily stropping, and that acts as a constant tune-up.

    I usually use Chromox on a strop if it needs a bit more than that.
  17. CrO pasted paddle or a Thuringian. Depends on my assesment of what is needed. I generally start with CrO, and will go to the Thuringian with lather or water if necessary.
  18. Wow rich, the Shaptons are really that fast? I'm gonna have to try one sooner or later. Reaaaaaaally can't justify buying one, but maybe I'll make it to a meet up one of these days and get to check them out.
  19. Naniwa 12K, strop on SRD premium I and good enough for me!
  20. I am sure you are dying to know where my bin is.

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