Ideas for Homemade Shave Oil Alternatives?

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  1. Hi Gents!

    I recently came across a recipe online for a pretty decent shave oil rather than buying (as they tend to be quite expensive for a relatively small amount). The recipe calls for 5 parts extra virgin olive oil and one part baby oil. It works amazingly, and the olive oil scent isn't as strong as I thought it'd be, especially after the first pass :wink2:

    Any ideas for other recipes using ingredients that I can find around the house?
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    I use a product from Jason called Vitamin E Oil 5,000 units which also contains almond, apricot, avocado, and wheat germ oil. I use five parts of that oil and to that I add one part each of almond oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil, and .5 part of EVOO, and 10 drops of glycerin.

    The extra almond oil gives it a nice smell - if you like the scent of almond! :001_smile For other recipes go to the wiki.
  3. Oh thanks! I should have checked the wiki prior to starting this thread
  4. Straight grape seed oil is what I use. I use as pre shave, do 2 passes with soap, third pass with just grape seed oil, then cold water rinse and more grape seed oil. For a while there I was doing one pass TECH -fu but it has lost it's appeal.
  5. Use a better prep and more lubricating/ moisturizing cream and do away with the PSO.
  6. From my limited experience, I think you are partly right. Yes, definitely with better shave cream like Trumpers cream or to a lesser extent Erasmic cream or Jack Black Beard Lube, you wouldn't really need pre-shave oil. But with less slippery creams or less satisfactory soaps which one may have acquired, based either on positive reviews here from people with less touchy skin, or just from budgetary considerations - I think pre-shave oil almost becomes a must.

    To me, pre-shave oil is a performance enhancer of the lesser performers. Why throw out soaps and shaving creams which aren't performing, when they can be made to perform?
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    I have a very thick, wiry beard. Plus I have sensitive skin. I have been using pre-shave oil for years.

    Pre shave oil is designed to give your skin an added layer of protection prior to apply a shaving soap or cream lather. The additional benefits of pre-shave oil are that it moisturizes the skin and protects your skin from razor burn or irritation. Pre-shave oil is one of those things that is an individual thing. Some find it helpful and some don't. For me, it has resulted in a better, closer shave without irritation, particularly around my neck area.
  8. I find that using a preshave definitely helps with less nicks and less chance of irritation. But as always, YMMV

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