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  1. Gentlemen,

    A recent poll asked our preference between Shavemac or Kent brushes and since I don't own and have never used a Kent, I did not participate. After reading some of the posts on that poll and remembering previous brush forum posts, I am curious about these brushes. My question to Kent aficionados is which Kent would you purchase if you were only going to acquire one brush. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't need one more brush but....well you know how it works. I understand the YMMV notion so let me give you some background. I have been a wet shaver for many years and face lather almost exclusively. I currently have three Simpson LE brushes, two Shavemac do1 two bands, a 2010 and a 2011 Semogue LE and a few TGN rebuilds. I have several other badgers and a few boars as well. I generally prefer knots in the range between 20 and 24 mm with backbone. I have not tried larger knots at this point.

    I am eager to hear from those of you that like or dislike the Kent line of brushes. Many thanks in advance for your input.

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  2. I like a lot my BK8. It has 25 mm knot and 55 mm loft. I don't have BK4 but I've read it has a little more hair than the latter. It's NOT floppy and has wonderfull water retention and flow through. It's extremely efficient with cream and soap for bowl lathering. It feels big and luxurious on the face but not too soft as some people describe it. The biggest strength is the springy and resilient fine hairs which don't feel splaying too much despite the knot size and not too great density. The handle feels exotic.

    I always think about this Kent brush as a Simpsons' Best hair knot on steroids.

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  3. From the brushes you have...I don't know if you will like them. I prefer them because I like soft, longer-lofted brushes for face lathering, BTW I am 100% face latherer with 90% hard soaps. They are dense, not as dense as a Simpson's, and have large knots. The longer loft leads to a softer, less dense face feel. If you have used a Vulfix Super Badger, i.e 2235, 660 etc, and liked it then you will love a Kent.

    Good luck
  4. Thank you gentlemen. That is some beautiful hardware edgerunner and the Kent BK8 looks fantastic. Does anyone know of a "best" place to purchase Kent brushes. I think that I have seen them on the WCS site but wonder if there are any deal out there.


  5. feelunique.com has good prices about half of what you would pay from a stateside vendor. Kent site itself is good also, just pay in GBP
  6. Mine is the BK4, which I find to be the perfect size. Its not my everyday brush, but for the times a floppy, soft, silvertip is called for, its just perfect. :thumbup1:
  7. The only one I've owned is the BK4 which I don't consider floppy but that means different things to different people. I mostly alternate with the Kent and the Truefitt Classic 3/1 which is a completely different brush (more backbone and more densely packed). To me, the Kents are *the* classic English shaving brush and it would be a tough choice as to which brush of these two I'd keep if I could only have one.

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