I want to try something new !

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Trudo1, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I just don't ?
    Currently using, Tabac, Qed lime, L'occtane as far as soaps go.
    I have also used T&H 1805 cream and a variety of Taylors creams.

    Suggestions, maybe old school ?
    Mama Bears

    Also on a mild budget, just need to change it up.

    Green / Red Clay ?
    Hydrosols ?

    Tell me the can't miss items !!!
  2. Speick. Phenomenal soap, and cheap. I also happen to love the scent. If you're not into sticks, you can always press it into a bowl, as I did.
  3. Gruder

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    Spieck's a good call. Also Musgo.

    As for soaps, Ogallala's Bay Rum and Sandalwood is nice. I also think that QED's Special 218 is a must-have.
  4. Mama Bears offers very affordable soaps in an almost endless variety of scents. Try the "Orange Orange", Dragons Blood and Aged Spice.
  5. I'm a big fan of Mitchell's, but if that's beyond budget, SCS, Mama Bear, QED are all worth trying.

    My most recent way of extending SSAD (Shave Soap AD) is turning it into SSAD (Shave Stick AD), that got me more Tabac, Moos enroute, SCS, and more when I get a chance! :biggrin:
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    great post!

    +1 on Proraso
  7. Arko makes me gag.
  8. any of the col conk soaps. or some williams (you'll be pleasently surprised). crabtree and evelyn nomad. and pretty much any of the mama bear's scents.
  9. +1 on the Ogalla, although I personally prefer the Bay Rum & Sandalwood scent.
  10. Mama bears, speick, and nancyboy signature.
  11. Proraso is #1
  12. TGQ soap and cream sampler.
    Ogallala Bay Rum sampler
  13. You should try soaps from Mama Bear (Hydrogen, Turkish Mocha, Toasted Coconut are current faves) or Honeybee Spa (Jasmine is out of this world; Sandalwood Vanilla is really nice). I also love Vulfix Sandalwood shave cream.

  14. Be sure to try Susies Bubbles N Squeak soap! VERY nice and nicely priced!
  15. You are ready for...Institute Karite Shaving Soap
  16. I forget who pointed this website out to me, but you can get MWF pretty cheap here.

    I think the 14.99 pounds for the soap and dish comes to about $30.00 US. On amazon the soap and dish goes for $60.
  17. Hi, if you really want to try out something new there is a new maker in Austria, Wienna called StoBa. http://stobasoaps.com/

    I have just ordered som stick's from them along with some La Riana oliveoil soap from a german site : georgs-barbershop.de - Just waiting to try it out.

    The oliveoil soap can also be found at Bareria Italiana. I have tryed a normal oliveoil soap and it is very nice. Does'nt lather much but gives you an enourmously good moist and comfort on the skin.

    Can also recomend Valobra stick.

    - Neewbee on the forum
  18. +1

    Mama Bear offers a ton of great soaps at affordable prices. I was fortunate enough to sample a few of Sue's soaps. I recently tried the Lemongrass and it is awesome!
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