I Wanna Smell Like a Margarita!

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by CyberJCM, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. As a new wetshaver, I'm stoking to try out lots of nice products, and I have a clean slate to start from, save for my already found interest in Bay Rum.

    So while thinking about what I like in terms of smells this evening, (I'm very particular by the way, and really dislike foo-foo smells), I hit on an idea.

    I love the smell of limes! And I know that there are many lime scented soaps, creams and aftershaves out there. So far I've only sampled T&H West Indian Lime. Not bad. But my thoughts took me to what I really want it to smell like...

    A fine margarita.

    Yep, the kind made with real lime juice, nice light agave tequila, a splash of citrus-y Countreu, and a kiss of salt. Mmm.

    I want a soap or cream that smells kinda like that! The zest and mild punch of real lime. Just a hint of that tangy, woody, spicyness of the tequila. The background citrus and earthy salt to give it that little extra something.

    So, if you can resist the urge to go drink a fine margarita, perhaps you fine gents wouldn't mind sharing with me some ideas or suggestions of soaps, or creams, but preferably soaps, and aftershaves to try that accomplish this great smell, or come kinda close anyway.

    Stay thirsty my friends!
    - J
  2. I don't know of a scent like that, but I would try it if I did!

    Sounds like a job for Mama Bear.
  3. In the mentime you can try Tequila as aftershave :001_smile
  4. The Shave Den (dot com) has a wonderful mojito scent (cream, soap, asb, as splash, edt). Their lime is very very nice too. Not exactly margharita, but pretty close.
  5. the absolute best Lime is from Castle Forbes. a very good Lime is Ogallala's Limes & Peppercorns.
  6. just don't use tequila in pre-shave rituals:001_smile
  7. I'll check that out! Mojito is another favorite. ;)
  8. Not too much anyway, and not before noon! ;)
  9. Once again I am forced to sing the praises of the Benton Clay Lime......it is fantastic
  10. I've wanted to try Castle Forbes, now I know what to look for. Something about that old world Scottish thing. I have all the Ogallala samples headed my way so I'll definitely be checking them out!
  11. I'll look into that. Gotta take advice from a fellow South Park fan!
  12. Thank you, and if you get it you won't be disappointed, I personally know at least 3 guys who love it.
  13. The Gentlemen's Quarter had a Lime Margarita shaving soap that was fantastic, she should be re-opening soon...
  14. +1 on the Benton Clay lime.

    penmanship brought it into work one day, i smelt it and bought it off him on the spot.

    used it a couple of times as bowl lather, wasn't too impressed, but it smelt great.

    started using it as a FACE lather and WOW, it's fantastic. and as someone else said, i'll take it off you hands if you don't like it. :tongue_sm

    smells great, lather ups nice, slick shave and cheap to boot.
  15. + 1000 for Benton Clay soaps. The pucks are a little on the small side but for $5 it's still a steal. I have the lime and bergamot and lavender pucks and I'll order at least 3 pucks of each to completely fill my Glad container when I'm done with them. They are probably the slickest shave soap I have (and I have Tabac, Irisch Moos, and Cella). For the money you can't beat it.

    I would love to have a Margarita scented soap, though. Blenheim Bouquet isn't really close to that scent but it is an amazing lime scented soap.
  16. Damn.... Looks like I will be stocking up A.S.A.P.! :thumbup:
  17. QED Bathtub Gin: lime, lemon, and a bit of juniper.

  18. +1 Tequila is strictly a post shave item:biggrin1:
  19. KMF Key lime also smells quite nice.
  20. Alcolado Glacial smells, to me, like a gimlet.

    Alcohol and a touch of lime.

    If you put a few drops of tequila in it...you might have it.

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