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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Johnny B, May 27, 2012.

  1. I was ordering some other items off Amazon and decided to top off the order with a stick of Arko and a bottle of Lilac Vegetal. Both are things I have wanted to try. Everyone raves about Arko,and people either love or hate the Veg,so I want to see if I'm one of the chosen. I want to try Osage Rub,but that would have shipped seperate(no idea why) and the shipping was twice the cost of the product. Everything else qualified for free shipping.
  2. I just did the exact same thing yesterday. Ordered a book at and added the Veg to push the order over $25. I know I like it already because I ordered a sample from Garry's Sample Shop, but I haven't had SWMBO do a whiff test yet. She's got a picky nose, so we'll see...

    I noticed the same thing about the Osage Rub. Maybe some day I'll pull the trigger on it, but not now.
  3. What ever you do, DON'T just crack the bottle and give it a whiff.... The scent out of the bottle will be different from the scent once it is applied and given time to dry down.

    If you first find you don't like the veg, stick with it every day for at least a week. Sometimes it takes a while for you to get used to different scents. I used the veg exclusively for a full month before it finally settled down for me. Now it is a regular and on the top shelf

    Same thing happened to me with a strongly scented shaving soap. First time I used it I almost gagged. How I really enjoy it.

    Never make a decision based on a first impression. Always come back later (as many times as necessary) then make a final decision based on a number of experiences not just one.
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    if you dont like the Veg, whatever you do, please do not pour it down the toilet like some other members! keep it to try later, pif it or put it on the bst.
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    And don't pour it down the drain! If you aren't chosen PIF it or put it on B/S/T but don't risk angering the VEG GOD by pouring it out
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    Damn Ed, we share a brain this AM:lol:
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    Sorry to hear that.....
  8. Osage Rub is a must for a face freezing summer shave. Also it is just good during the day to cool down on scalp and face.
  9. I'm still giving the veg a chance. It's possible it might grow on me but I'm kinda hoping it doesn't.

    If you are a fan of menthol Osage rub is a must try.
  10. I wasn't chosen, but not for the reason you'd think. It smells like baby powder to me, but the scent gives me a headache when I tried it on a wrist.

    I still have plenty from a Garry's sample so I may try a full application and go from there.
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    Indeed we do, I just hate decent shave products going down the drain!

  12. It is one of my favorites, and the misses too. But it does give me a bit of a headache sometimes when I first put it on. There is a chemical that does that to a lot of people and its found in some cheap scents. I still love it though, just have to not pour a gallon on.
  13. The Veg has found its way into the rotation and is quite a nice scent. The Mrs. enjoys it as well!
  14. splash it freely over the face and body
  15. +1
  16. I saw a bottle at an old pharmacy I was checking out...had to stop myself from trying it.
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