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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by bobusa, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. bobusa

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    I finally ordered Feather All Stainless razor from Razorbladesandmore today. David is great guy to do a business with. I hope I will like the Feather All Stainless razor. those who have this razor let me know in this thread how you like this razor. That will help me with my wait time.
  2. Good decision my friend. I have had mine for over 5 months or so as well as a collection of the my beloved English Gillettes, EJ and a Merkur. I have to say, I keep coming back to my Feather. It's getting to a point where I am just not using anything else. It took me at least a week to get to the "sweet spot" and then it was pretty much "game over" for every other DE Razor in my collection.

    The look, the feel, the performance and the sheer elegance of it is unmatched. It is a beautiful thing. Just persevere with it. It will be like using a DE razor for the very first time. Use it everyday and the "sweet spot" will kick in.
  3. Congrats on your purchase! The Feather AS looks awesome.
  4. +1 While I enjoy many razors styles, from slants to FatBoys, the AS-D1 is at the top of the list for me. When you are at the sweet spot of feeling mostly the smooth cap with just a hint of blade and "zero pressure" magic happens.

  5. Many recent threads on the Feather AS. I am one of the negatives. Too mild.
  6. +1
    And it is worth the patience required to learn its sweet spot. Use it daily, exclusively, for a month, and you'll know why many love this razor. I've seen too many people say they used it once or twice and gave up on it for its being too mild. Mild or not, there's still a sharp blade involved, and with the right angle, it is capable of great shaves.

    Good luck with your Feather AS!
  7. Gam

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    Once I sussed out the angle,the Feather gave me a great shave.Some members call it too mild and maybe be it is on the mild side,but it's smooth as hell.I'm a musician if I have to be on stage I'll shave and headshave with the Feather.I know that my face and head wont have weepers or razor burn,and that's using a Feather blade,and the shave will be BBS.It's also very blade friendly,I've used Polsilvers,Personnas red and meds,Gillette Black,Astra's,Iridiums,Voskhods,etc,all with great results.
  8. AFG


    It could easily end up as my favorite razor. It does take some time to get to learn its optimum angle but if you don't hear it cutting, you know you need to adjust the angle. I also think it helps your overall technique with other razors. I have been shaving for a long time but I believe my overall technique has improved since getting the Feather. Best of luck with it.
  9. Well said! If mild means super smooth, no irritations, no burns then I will take the Feather any day. That aside, it is so darn beautiful to look at. 90 grams of Japanese Art.
  10. bobusa

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    great. thanks guys. I just got the mail from razorbladesandmore that my order is shipped.
  11. Wow awesome choice, I took at look one time at Coopierguy, his review convinced me to buy one, yesterday I shaved with the Feather AS -D1 with a Feather blade used in a previous shave along with some Creamo Cream My Wonderful Wife Bought me :eek:) and I had one of the slickest smooth shaves. Did a 3 Pass WTG, XTG, ATG. That Feather Razor is freeken Awesome. Enjoy your Feather and don't give up on it :thumbup1:

    Oh by the way, Creamo Cream was Awesome.
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  12. My Feather goes back online 01-Apr for its month long rotation. I am glad it is starting back over a weekend, because the re-learn is about two shaves - then BBS for the duration.

    Congratulations on your purchase and I hope that you find it to be a good match with you beard / shaving style
  13. I would love to hear how you like it. Certainly an extremely well made razor.
  14. I love mine. It's the only razor i own. I did a lot of reading here and other sites before buying. I decided that i didn't want to spend time cycling through other brands / razors so i went for the Feather. Plus i would rather have 1 "expensive" razor that is really beautifully engineered and cool to look at than x "cheaper" ones.

    So far i have only used the Feather blades that came with it but, courtesy of a generous member here who sent me some samples of other blades, will be trying them too.
  15. Just tried one today, bought here on bst,thank you. All i can say is wow, used the feather blade provided and i was stunned at the smoothness of this beauty, Just cocked it until I could hear it cutting (barely) voila, seems to me not that elusive a sweet spot as i was anticipating. Not going to give up my straights but I certainly have found my DE back up and will probably be selling all others soon. Thanks Feather.

  16. bobusa

    bobusa Contributor

    Great to know that you liked it. And would be interested in what you have for sale from your DEs. :)
  17. bobusa

    bobusa Contributor

    And here is the beauty Arrived yesterday!!

  18. I always find that the Feather AS got this magical power to transform a blade. A dull on another razor will work differently on the Feather !
  19. alex2363

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    it is mild but yet surprisingly affective, you really cant get cut with it, you can shave real fast and not worry about nicks. i liked it but not crazy about it
  20. I find the AS rather mildish. Not a bad shave, but I find it delivered less than it promised. I just cannot get THAT close with it. It doesn't leave me with irritation, though, but that's probably because it won't deliver that really, really close shave. I get a closer shave with a Tech. Still, it is beautiful and does the job; stick with Feather blades only is my advice. Also, use your audibles as a guide. I find it hard to get to the difficult spots under the nose. It has a wider head than other DEs.

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