I need inspiration on acrylic scales

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  1. I made a set of acrylic scales got my Wade and Butcher yesterday. They came out about as inspired as a tongue depressor.

    Yes, it was that bad.

    Could you please post some pictures to inspire me?

  2. This is cool. There were 2/8 and 3/8 production blades according to this!

    The photo pages Arrow linked to are very helpful and inspiring too. Real materials that are out of my current budget though. Real cool stuff.

    I took a tracing of the blade and my notebook, went to the play area at the mall with my daughter (it is raining) and spent an hour and ended up with designs that look similar to some in the PDF, and some that look similar to the photo pages and some that look different from that, and some that are...horrible.

    Any reason to have a wedge pin in acrylic? It is relatively easy to bond.

  3. If it is a spacer, such as parallel on both sides, you may get away with it, using proper prep.

    If as a wedge, with an angle, I don't think long term will stay together.

    If not wanting a pin on the front, consider making as one piece. That will require more skill and tools than wedge and pin.
  4. I've bonded acrylic at the wedge with good results. Bonding acrylic with cyano acrylic (sp?) essentially makes it one piece if you bond it well.
  5. ^this fella has a thread with some very interesting acrylic scales :yesnod:
  6. I made a white "ribbon" with a black wedge. I need to thin the portion near the pivot as it won't close now that I glued it. I am going pinless on the wedge.

    About 30 minutes with a coping saw and 100 grit sandpaper. I prepolished the wedge by sandid up to 400 then running it on white compound (al ox) on denim across a flat surface. I figure after correcting the contour I'll have an hour and a half in making these. I'll post a picture then, but want to polish the blade before assembly.


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