I need a new Splash for Spring

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by xraygun, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Here's what I have in current inventory: [​IMG] I don't really care for the 74. Love the Speick, Mark Cross(no more of that around) and Romeo Gigli. So I'm not against an alcohol splash. I have Old Spice and like it. What great classic spashes and I missing? I don't care for menthol, which rules out quite a bit. I leave myself in the hands of the great Noses around here. Thanks!

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  2. 4711 is great for spring weather: a short-lived burst of citrus, and pretty good skin care. You might also try Musgo Real classic.
  3. I think it might be better if I ask for recommendations from you! There are some mighty fine scents in that collection!
  4. Musgo is one I haven't tried. Ordered. Nice call.
  5. I think Musgo is a little hearty for when things start warming up, but it is my favorite aftershave scent so far. Hope you like it.
  6. xillion

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    If you want something with a VERY fresh green scent I recommend you try Shiseido Tactics.

    La Toja is another one to consider. It feels great on a nice spring day!

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  7. cryhavoc

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    Pinaud Clubman
  8. I recently tried St. Lucia Citrocol Lime in a sampler from Garry and think it would be a great spring AS. The only "complaint" (depending upon your preferences) is that the aroma doesn't stay with you very long.

  9. scoopster

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    You've got some nice frag houses there. Have you considered a Trumper, Floris or Penhaligons? Lots of scents to choose from. These guys are pretty much alcohol and scent but for spring/summer that's OK and their scents are awesome.
  10. cryhavoc

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    Unfortunately most citrus scents have a short longevity
  11. 4711 goes into my rotation once summer gets here.
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    IF you want classic American A/S's try the whole Clubman line and Skin Bracer, plus they are cheap in comparison to what is in your picture.
  13. Lucky Tiger been around a long time and pretty darn nice for warm weather
  14. Gruder

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    SCS Mediterranean Citrus is a warm weather favorite of mine.
  15. Big fan of Trumpers line. What frag do you recommend?
  16. That's the big bottle in the back.:wink2:
  17. scoopster

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    I'm a big fan of Trumper Wild Fern and I'll use that kind of scent in the spring in New England but not summer. Some would think a fougere like that would be more appropriate in cooler seasons. For slightly more modern Trumper scents I like Eucris and GFT. I haven't sampled a lot of Trumper but they have an extensive catalog.

    I like Floris Santal and Penhaligons English Fern (sucker for sandalwood and all things fougere)
  18. Thanks Dave. The Trumper Wild Fern sounds intriguing, and I might get more mileage out of it here than you would in New England. Summer doesn't usually arrive here until August and never before July 5th.
  19. You might like Trumper's Spanish Leather. It's a bright tannic scent, not a heavy leather. One of my faves, and just right for spring, I think.
  20. Sounding like a Trumper sample kit.

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