I need a coffee maker!

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  1. I need a coffee maker. I have a capresso burr grinder already. Convenience and performance is the name of the game. I have mastered the French press, the Chemex, the melitta, the bodum bistro but with 2 little kids I need large volumes of coffee w minimal attention! Espresso machine is out cuz the wifey doesn't think $1000 is well spent on coffee :001_huh:

    So...I'm thinking capresso mt600. Technivorm is kinda pricey. Newco is fugly. Any others to consider?
  2. love the Capresso!

    Price is right, & great brew....
  3. Love my Krups.
  4. Krups Hands down the best for the money... or go for the gusto and spend thousand for an espresso machine
  5. Budget, features desired, types of coffee enjoyed, types of drinks, etc? In an ideal world would you WANT an espresso machine and if so, would you want straight espresso or milk drinks?

    I have VERY high end espresso machines, commercial grinders AND a superauto, and I just got a Nespresso machine and an Aeroccino JUST to test/compare it to the aforementioned options (full, detailed review to come) and while it can't hold a candle to fresh ground beans and a quality machine for straight espresso, it does a pretty admiral job for milk drinks and the Aeroccino is awfully neat and makes zero noise.
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    We use a french press at home.

    My original response was to say "get married," but then it hit me that I'm the one who makes the coffee at our house
  7. Keurig
  8. Bunn all the way, no way would I consider anything else after that ridiculous journey of buying what seemed like nearly every coffee maker on the planet for a few years.
  9. I gather you're looking for a drip maker. No history with Capresso, but I've regularly read good things. The important thing with drip coffee makers is power - most don't have the juice to get your water hot enough for a good cup of coffee.
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    I'll admit the Nespresso is the best of the pod machines, but after trying all of their coffee offerings over the years, I've only found 2 that are drinkable and one of them was a limited time special. If you're looking for milk drinks, it will make something better than Starbucks, but for straight espresso, it's marginal.
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  12. I'm also interested in this information.
  13. Bunn or Mr. Coffee will make a great cup of coffee. I have a 40 dollar Mr. Coffee with adjustable pot temp , clock, self start timer and a cleaning cycle. I got it 3 years ago after our wedding present Westbend bit the dust. ( It was 13 years old)

    Bottom line is how much do you want to spend.

  14. That's what we use. The hot water resivoir makes brewing a pot very quick.
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    If it's got a burner under the caraffe/pot, you'll burn the coffee.
  16. If you can't turn it off
  17. Large volumes will also rule out espresso unless you really want to pull 2oz at a time.

    "Well spent" is also an interesting (and highly subjective) point. If I didn't have my espresso machine at home I'd easily exceed $1,000 at my favorite coffee shop in about 5 months. My current machine (not high end) paid for itself after 2 1/2 months and has been going strong since 2002.

    So it's not just convenience and performance then? Budget?
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  18. Ok, to clarify, are there any other coffee makers comparable to the mt600 I should consider?

    The capresso mt600 is within the budget, has the right features, and performs well (I hope).

    Regarding the bunn and it's hot water heater...doesn't that waste a lot of energy if it constantly maintains a hot water reservoir? I guess I don't need that.
  19. Yes; when run without pre-heated water, it takes 15 minutes to start brewing (IIRC).

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