I may be a boar, face lather convert.

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  1. Since getting my Omega 31025 I've really begun to gain an appreciation for boar brushes. Prior this my main brush was pure badger which was far too scritchy to face lather with so I was a bowl lather guy. When I got Cella I started face lathering as I'd read this was the way it worked best. The 31025 is great for face lathering. The tips are very soft. It's become my primary brush.

    Today I face lathered Musgo. I think I may ditch the bowl. Face lathering seems to be the ultimate beard prep. Having to build the lather right on your beard seems to be the best way to really soften it up and with the right brush you wont get brush burn. :thumbup:
  2. That's what happened to me too: was real shave stick addict. Now I use both: I face lather with a stick (usually ARKO or Vergulde Hand), and use that as part of the prep. While I let my beard soften by the lather, I prepare the shaving lather in a bowl. I wash off the prep lather and lather to shave.
  3. Preparing your beard for the coming shave is critical, in my mind, for a good shave. Face lathering spends additional time on your beard. It has to give a better shave.
  4. good info!
  5. I have always face lathered with my brush and I relather before each pass - usually 3.

  6. I have always face lathered with my brush and I relather before each pass - usually 3.

  7. Here's my story(and I'm sticking to it): I ordered a nice Muehle best badger from this company online (who shall remain nameless). Without letting me know, they back-ordered my brush and said they would ship it in a couple weeks. SO, I needed a brush, I picked up a nice Omega Boar at the local beauty shop.

    Fast-forward a month, I send these clowns an email, wondering where my brush is... I get a response three stinking days later telling me, "Oh yeah, we don't know when that's coming in, so we just cancelled it."

    Needless to say, I shant be purchasing anything more from these folks.

    The real story though: In these few months, I've really begun to love this Omega Boar brush, and it's holding up remarkedly well. I'm finding myself wondering if I really even need the badger after all...
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  8. I used to bowl lather and since switched to face lathering. I am a much happier person now.:biggrin1:

  9. Exxxxxxcellent. Our plan is coming together nicely. Soon, no one will be able to resist the Boar Empire. :a45:
  10. Face lathering with a nice boar is IMO an unbeatable combo. I have a hard time using my badgers and ending up my creams. I only use bowls to store soap.

    Yes, I think you found the Holy Grail of wetshaving Foyle! :thumbup1:
  11. :thumbup:
  12. The Badger Nation will be too busy admiring their silvertips to even notice we have taken over.

    Long Live the Boar Empire!!!!

  13. The Bore and The Borg sound mighty close, don't they?:001_smile
  14. We can distract them with pictures of Plissons
  15. What is a Plisson? :tongue_sm
  16. That is nice.

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