I have found my new fav razor...Gillette Senator!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by retrolike, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. I've been using the R41 recently and have liked it because of the aggressiveness, however I sometimes get the "burned" irritating feeling after shaving with it. No nicks or cuts...just mild irritation. This morning I decided to try my Gillette Senator that had been on display, and WOW it is aggressive and smooth. Do you all agree with me on the loving the Senator?

    $photo 1.jpg $photo 2.jpg
  2. The Senator gets lots of love here...why? Because it is a awesome razor!!! Congrats on finding that right combo for your face!!
  3. jamesspo

    jamesspo Contributor

    That Senator is in nice shape! I love mine as well.
  4. It's a great razor. It walks that fine line of smoothness and aggressiveness like no other.
  5. Why was it only made 1 year?
  6. RKG


    Shaved with mine this morning. Gets my neck as smooth as any razor I've used.
  7. Haven't used a Senator (yet, right rx?) but I love it's gold sister, the Sheraton.
  8. I would love to find a Senator! I love my Gillette New OC, they are awesome.
  9. Congrats, the Senator is a sweet razor!
  10. alex2363

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    i used my Sheraton this weekend.....
  11. I don't believe they were. They at least spanned 1938 and 1939 -- there are ads like this one with Jack Dempsey in it from its introduction in 1938, and the Senator was also still in the lineup in the Christmas 1939 ad below (click to enlarge).

  12. Nyet. But hopefully one day you will. Something tells me you will:whistling:
  13. I like my Senator. For me, it shaves very much like my 1934 Aristocrat. In fact, I'd bet the heads are the same apart from finish. It seems a tad more sensitive to technique than my other favorite TTOs, the 1947 Super Speed.
  14. I would love to try a Senator. Would like to compare it to my 34 open comb aristocrat.
  15. My Sheraton gets used quite often!
  16. Thanks for posting the photos of the Senator, retrolike. It is very nice.

    I'm grateful to read this thread on the Senator/Sheraton. I'm intrigued by them. The combination of open comb and TTO seems special. Are there any other Gillette TTO models with open combs?
  17. These are fantastic razors! Although I don't have the Senator, I have two sheratons and I like 'em. They are the same razor, except for the plating.
  18. The '30s-style Aristocrat, Sheraton, and Senator are the only open-comb TTO American Gillettes, but the Brits made what are arguably the nicest ones in their Aristocrats and Populars. Achim's got quite a few open-comb TTOs posted on his site that you'd probably be interested in.
  19. Retrolike, were you using a feather in your senator?
  20. Lucky, like the whole shelft setup also. Looking forward to owning a senator

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