I have found a razor more aggressive then the R41

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  1. I have had a French RAD for some time now and am making my way through the usually smooth razors the French produced. Most of them shave similar to the new improved open combs in my opinion but have a smoother feel and have slightly more efficiency. That is until I have been stopped in my tracks by the Leresche 77. This thing has more bite then the R41 and complete attention is needed while shaving, one wrong move and nicks and blood appear instantly. My face is glassy smooth but it is about 10min of rapted concentration while dragging the heavily exposed blade lightly across my face. My first shave was a mess, my 2nd today better but still got a nick. I can't go AGA with this razor but 2 passes with the 2nd on a diagonal was enough for a glass smooth BBS, which is similar to what I get with the R41. I know there are several others with this razor, anyone else think its this aggressive?
    Here is a pic of JAWS
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  2. That thing looks mean. What a blade gap.
  3. Geez...looks almost like the safety bar is in another province.:w00t:
  4. I believe this style was invented during the Spanish Inquisition.
  5. No thank you....good grief.
  6. Oh my, it looks like it's on steroids!!
  7. Does that come In a slant version too!!! Hahahaha yikes!!
  8. noahpictures

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    I want one!

    Hmmm...I might have a problem .
  9. BigFoot

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    I think it is a shavette with a handle.:scared:
  10. +1. Wow. I like my R41 quite a bit, but that looks deadly. Definitely not a safety razor.
  11. +1
  12. Impressive razor, but I wonder why they even bothered with the "safety bar". I was thinking of placing a blade in a vise grip and shaving with that. should be more agressive than the R41 too :)
  13. Why would you even want to shave with this razor? To my mind... if I'm using a razor that requires total and absolute concentration in order to not gash myself, I'm using the wrong razor. Especially since I shave in the early morning before having the chance to have a cup of coffee!

    Just one guy's opinion!
  14. Agreed, this would not be a good sleepy eyed razor, bet neither is the R41. I would think it takes less concentration then a straight though!
  15. Jake

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    Nice razor Aaron. I haven't found that mine was very aggressive. Good close shave & very smooth. What blade did you use?
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  16. Holy carp. I nicked myself twice just looking at the picture of that thing.
  17. I'm surprised. It felt almost like a single edge, has more gap and more blade exposure then the R41, of course the Leresche bends the blade quite a bit on an angle and the R41 blade is pretty much flat. I used a personna med prep, maybe I should try something else?
    As far as blade exposure my blade hangs over the edge of the top guard edge by about 1.5mm, not sure if yours is similar of if mine is more exposed for some reason.
    Now the Kirby that was smooth, this leresche is almost too much for me.
  18. Good lord!! I would just throw it in the draw and go for a straight edge!!

    It is said that the samurai Minimoto Musashi used this once in a duel when he was 28...of course all he could get were Feather blades...
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    "You never expect the Spanish Inquisition!"... But it's being French I would think it's from the revolution... "The National Razor"!? :p
  20. Spanish Inquisition..to harm the others with their shaving gear :001_tt2:
    Damn that looks cool...try it..but go REAL slow with a VERY mild blade.

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