I had a Springs1 episode tonight...

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  1. So me and the wife went to eat tonight. She had to work late so by the time we got out to eat most places were closed. We went to Applebees, even though it's not really our favorite place and now I remember why.

    My order was ok except I got regular wings instead of the boneless wings I ordered. Not a big deal on it's on. The wife's order though... She got a bacon cheese burger. The bacon was about half cooked. Not wanting to cause a scene, she took it off and started on just the burger. The burger was raw on the inside! Not a little pink, but still red! :mad3: When the waitress FINALLY came back to check on us(about 20 minutes later, she was talking to what was apparently some of her friends at another table), my wife showed her the burger and she said, "Oh, that sucks, do you me to get you another one?" My wife just said, "No, we are leaving get us our check" Well the waitress wouldn't take any off the check since my wife had ate about 3 bites on the outside before getting to the red inside.

    So, she got no tip(I didn't have any pennies to throw on the table...) and we will be calling the manager tomorrow.

    I was almost laughing the whole time, because all I could think about was Springs1... :lol::lol::lol:
  2. Springs1 the stuff nightmare are made of.
  3. I boycotted Applebees a long time ago. It sucks when you go out to eat and your only option is places like this. The last time i ate there i ordered a steak and that thing was just as rubbery as my shoe soles and the meal came with applesauce, it was in one of those plastic cups were you pull the foil off the top. I felt like i was in the high school cafeteria. The meal sucked. All Hail Springs1!!
  4. The only Applebee's I goto is the one where I have a friend as a manager, I know he runs a tight ship. They have a no Springs1 policy in affect.
  5. I spend a lot of time on the road. Franchises started as a comfortable place for travelers to visit since they were supposed to be able to get the same quality and menu at each outlet of the franchise. Trouble is, I don't like franchises when I can eat at a Mom and Pop place instead. I use Poynt and Urban Spoon on my iPhone to search out places with really good reviews but not a franchise that I recognize. Of course many of my coworkers insist we go to Outback or Carrabas, etc.
  6. Should you make it to Houston, you should consider the Carrabba's on Kirby near 59. It is the last Carrabba's that isn't part of the franchise. The menu has some really awesome stuff on it and you can try the dishes the way they were intended. It really is a great place.

    I've only ever been to one of the chain places once and it was horrible.
  7. We have other places we usually go but it was after 11pm when we finally got into town so there wasn't many choices. Honestly I think Waffle House or Krystal would have been better...
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    About the only chain where you can be sure the food quality is the same in every place is;

    View attachment 142518

    (I didn't say the quality was good - I only said it was the same)
  9. I can attest that in the early '50s the quality was *great*, in the opinion of this tyke! Loved those pickles and onions. Loved the whole package. Even then I think I ate two at a time.
  10. Gotta love the "belly bombers". When I was young, the hamburgers were 10 cents, the cheeseburgers 12 cents. The family bought them by the bagfull, we boys made forts and cities out of the empty burger boxes.
  11. Springs1 would have exploded. I find eating out is now a gamble you'll hit the same place one day the service or food will be horrid and another day it will be wonderful.

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