I got a great gift today . . .

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  1. from my barber. Went by today to talk a bit about shaving and he asked me if I had purchased a DE razor yet. I told him yes and described my Merkur HD to him.

    To my surprise he handed me this gold Gillette TTO adjustable razor. I thought he was just showing it to me. But he wanted some info on it so I told him I would take it home and look up the date code on the razor. With that he said to just keep it, because it was just collecting dust on his shelf.

    Now I have a Gillette TTO adjustable in gold with a date code of D 3. That makes it a razor produced in the 3rd quarter of 1958. Can someone help by telling me what kind of Gillette it is? Super Speed, Fat Boy?

    Here are some pix




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  2. From what I've gathered from Achims answers to some of my previous questions, your Razor sounds like an Executive, which was the gold version of the fatboy. I could be wrong. An chance of a picture? If its in good condition sound like a nice gift, better give a good tip next time :001_smile
  3. Lucky you! Wow! Make friends with this guy...maybe he has a daughter too! =)

  4. Thanks for that info. Not much chance of a tip. See I shave my head so I don't need the services of a barber. This guys was the one I went to before I decided to shave my head and also we have been friends since high school.
  5. Great freebie, great friend! :thumbup1:

    As already mentioned a pic would be great (to identify and also eye candy :w00t:), but based on your description, whichever of the few models it could be it will shave very nicely. Congrats!
  6. as I am off to a C&E store to pick up some samples of their shave creams. Thanks guys for your help so far.
  7. My bets on it being an adjustable aristocrat.

    This is one of the most sought after razors, and like the regular slim, it's an excellent shaver; my favorite in fact.

    Congratulations, and tip him well.
  8. Are you sure that it isn't a toggle?

    -- John Gehman
  9. its not a toggle.
  10. Sure looks like a gold pated fatboy to me!
  11. That's Plated!
  12. Piggy's correct....that's an Executive, essentially a gold-plated Fatboy adjustable.
  13. Thanks for the pics - a very nice gift indeed!
  14. for the info. I have found something like this on ebay but not in gold. Looks too much like a FatBoy to be an Aristocrat but the Executive makes sense as it is a gold plated FatBoy.

    Again, thanks guys for your help.

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