I found my first DE today

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  1. I did a bit of searching today and I discovered it hidden in a box of "junk". It was my first DE razor. I cleaned it up and I could read the numbers and writing on the bottom. It say Gillette, England, L 3. I will take pictures of it soon, but it has a slim tapering black plastic handle on it. It is very comfortable to hold, but I have not tried to shave with it yet. I realize why I put it away when I saw the blades that I had stored in the box. I had 2 packs of the cheapest possible no name blades that I bought from Rite Aid. I remember slicing my face up when I tried those blades. They got tossed into the trash bin this evening. Looking at the date code, I can almost guess that the razor was made about 1991 or 1992. I know that L on Gillette usually means 1966, but I also saw that they began reusing the date codes about 1986, so I made a guess as to the date of my razor. Anyway, tomorrow I will load the razor with my Astra blades and compare the shave to my Jagger and see how it handles my beard. Now if I could only find my old brush and mug.

    Sometimes it pays to go through junk boxes.
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    this? [​IMG]
  3. Cool that you found your first razor :)
  4. Alex, that is almost it, except on the one I found the handle has grooves running up and down the entire length and the TTO mechanism is not quite so large. I will try to get a picture taken today if I can find a free minute or so.

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