I forgot, what is this thing?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Foyle, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. I asked once before what this was but I've since forgotten. What is this and how good a shaver is it? I've had it for a while and I finally picked up some blades from Bed Bath and Beyond this evening. I'll give it a dance sometime during the week.



  2. Its a Little Lather Catcher 1914 patent ER. Great shaver.
  3. What he said...:thumbup1:
  4. +3
    looks nice and shiny too...
  5. and hey....it's Single Edge Sunday today (hint! hint!)
  6. It sure is :smile:

    I never did get a 1914 (and a few others). I have 7 SE which I feel is a good representation of what is out there.

    Now to decide.. which one to use today.... OH... I know.... Today I'll use my favorite SE, the flying wing. Problem is, I need to grow something to cut. Been getting BBS shaves every day which does not leave much to cut the next day. Oh well, it's just as much fun to lather up and "play shave" I guess :lol:
  7. Looks awesome and barely used!
  8. from my exp, the most aggressive SE I have used. barring a straight of course.
  9. Great razor! Be a little cautious the first round with her so she doesn't bite you though.....
  10. FYI, the OP has sold this razor. Didn't work out for him.

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