I don't much about coticule... but this made me laugh

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  1. jkh


    Yeah ...

    You claim to not know much, but you knew enough to laugh.
  2. "None of them are this awesomely Orange in the color. And ya have a hard time finding one this darn fine."

    To my knowledge isn't yellow more sought after? It's hard to take the person seriously with that kind of description and grammar.

    Also... did I say something wrong? To my knowledge a 10 inch coticule on other sites doesn't even reach for that much.

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  3. Legion

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    What you talking about? Dat grammar is darn fine. For reals.
  4. mdunn

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    I just really want to know the % garnet count. It looks really rare.
  5. 120% garnets...
  6. There was a thread about the "ultimate coticule" from before so I thought "he" would be the guy. I find coticule to be a tool more than a collection piece so understand that. But I'm always open to any information on how to spot a rare coticule. Just as some vintage razors go for hundreds of dollars. I know they cost alot per area. But I'm wondering if it's the same as JNATs where a different color fetches for alot more than one that performs the same. If I see other coticules for the same size at a much cheaper price what makes this one so special? and the description seems to be written by teenager with no description relevant to the stone.

    And yes I googled how to search for coticules and searched coticule.be and other sites.
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  7. who ever put that for sale put one too many 0's on their pricetag...
  8. Analyzed by expert gemologist. Especially good for razors and as a natural combo its exceptionally rare
  9. super dooper rare....
  10. That black spot is also incredibly rare. Orange coticule with black spot. 120% garnets. Its a steal at that price

  11. i wonder if it is our mate
    i was thinking the same i wonder if he has the formal appraisal at home lol
    but i think that that is a "false combo" as he said.
    he probably had the stone appraised by a gemologist who specialized in garnet crystals and valued the stone at $1499:wink2:
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  12. it could be tested by a geologist not just certified in the USA but also in Belgium
    he could be the bloke who has heard old-timers talk about how the crystal gives the razor a natural affinity for beard hair, making it stand erect when the blade reaches the face.
  13. .....it is a good deal..... shipping and insurance are included in the price.......

    ......how can you go wrong?
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  14. Don't know much about coticules...
    Don't know much about the bouts I use...
    But I do know that I hone you,
    And I know that if you shave me true,
    What a wonderful world this would be.
  15. I regularly look at his auctions for a good chuckle. He's on the good shit!
  16. Needs a rename to "Vintage ULTIMATE belgian coticule razor hone"
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    He is also selling what looks to be a Cnat for $359. I wonder if he would combine shipping?
  18. Legion

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    And this, from his description of another coticule he's selling...

    "What you are veiwing is a stone.
    That you should surely add to your collection.
    Of nice sharpening stones for your razors.
    Not all the coticules out there are suitable for straight razor sharpening."

    I found myself counting the syllables of each line, hoping that it was a haiku. Sadly, no. But it does have a very zen like quality.
  19. Descriptions
    No make sense
    He Reputable Seller​

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