I can't stop Faceturbating.

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  1. Since I've started using a DE and a Shaving brush, and started shaving like they did in the good old days. I gotta tell you the experience has been great, its been exquisite, my face feels great.
    But there are a few drawbacks as well, the biggest one being that i cant stop faceturbating(i cant stop laughing as i write this). Many people have noticed me feeling up my chin in public.

    Other than that All is well.
  2. HEHEHEHEHE - you are not alone. Doing it right now.... theres just something about that clean smooth feeling after a good shave. We're Normal ----RIGHT???
  3. I think we are.
  4. :scared:...this exists!?...:thumbup:
    Definition for faceturbating:
    Web definitions:
    (Faceturbate) Rubbing one's face (excessively), usually after shaving..wiki.badgerandblade.com/Glossary
  5. Your a Fool if you say you do, and a liar if you say you don't. So, no comment.

  6. That, my friend says it all.
  7. Phew! Relieved to know there are many more like me :biggrin1: I have to conscientiously stop myself from rubbing my face too much and basking in the glory of my achievement. A smooth face does feel like a victory and an achievement!
  8. Searlands

    Searlands Contributor

    :thumbup: LOL

    I happened to faceturbate most of today. Had my BEST EVER shave last night.

    Even told me wife I couldn't stop feeling face.
  9. Keep doing that and you'll go blind.
  10. musicman1951

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    Be careful. I got into some poison ivy earlier in the year and it ended up all over my chin.

    Other than that, why would it be a bad thing? Pretend you're pondering something important.
  11. I keep finding myself rubbing my face while I talk to people at work. I've told myself that people just think I'm deep in thought. Yep that's it, they don't think I'm weird at all! :letterk1:
  12. The embarassing thing is that my chin actually gets bigger! I think people are beginning to suspect something. One minute I look normal, then a couple of quick strokes and I look like Jay Leno.
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  13. Wood:
    [​IMG]...for me...I rub my chin.

    [​IMG] "A [person]…is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes". Mahatma Gandhi
  14. I do this, too! I'm always deep in thought, pondering the worlds problems. LOL

    I've found that SPEICK shave stick gives me that super-uber-smooth feeling on my face. Resistance is futile!
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  15. Ahhh, this explains FS Fitzgerald's lines in "Tender is the Night", about American men having no sense of repose, always touching their faces: it's the Great American Shave!

    I do it too, but my main problem is cool morning/warm lather. I'll just keep at it until I look like Santa Claus
  16. Thank you for giving a name to my condition! I am a compulsive faceturbator!
  17. But there is one big problem being a faceturbator...thats when you find that you have missed a small patch of whiskers. Then you go from a general area faceturbator to a focused folicle-stroker. Like the act of stroking will make the errant hairs just disappear. All the while mentally going over evey stroke of the morning shave, trying to determine where you made that critical error which caused you to miss that patch. Throughout the day, more and more of your brain cells will be directed to that small patch of fur. Making you less and less affective at work. You start thinking about perhaps having a small Dopp kit at work just times like this. What kind of brush, the appropriate soap or cream. You even start wondering if you should take a take a long lunch just to eliminate the problem.
    For most young men, a "nooner" has a totally different purpose, but for a dedicated shaver, a "nooner" is just an excuse for a mid day shave.

    al in colorado
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  18. This is not true.... but don't ask me how I know :001_wub: .

  19. This is most certainly me!
  20. I like to faceturbate as much as the next guy, but I love when the lady can't keep her lips off of me. That's the real danger of DE shaving. Well, that and the poison ivy thing...

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