How to test which way my hair grows?

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  1. I randomly stumbled upon a thread here at B&B and can't remember exactly where it lays.

    It invovlved cotton pads and scraping them (I think) with the grain, anyway I tried this unknown method. Now this might sound dumb but I still couldn't tell which way the hair grows as i just had cotton patches over my stubble.

    Does anyone know what the process to finding out which way your hair grows, especially under the neck?

    Little bit about me since i've been doing posts with no introduction:

    19 years old from Australia, Doesn't warrant enough facial hair to let it grow out, so shaving around twice a week, but sometimes quite more since I am an actor - and clean shaven is a priority.

    Gear: Proraso aloe & Green tea shaving cream, Men U boar brush - (Will upgrade to badger Vulfix brush around christmas) Merkur HD Safety Razor, Blades - Undecided - trying out Personna Platnium red package tomorrow.

    I have really senstivie skin prone to razor bumps which hopefully will slowly reduce due to correct angle,pressure and finding out which way the hair grows.

  2. Run a credit card across the skin. The direction which gives you the most resistance will be directly opposite of which way your hair grows. This seems to work best with the slightest bit of stubble for optimal feedback.
  3. It should be easy to tell if you go a day or two without shaving. If you run your hand across your face with the grain it will feel relatively smooth and if you go the opposite way it will feel really scratchy.

    You should be able to see what direction it's going if you get really close to a mirror as well.
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    +1. If you use a cotton ball then when you rub it against the grain more of it comes off.
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    just grow it out for a couple of days
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  7. +10 esp if you have a magnified mirror. My hair grows in a very weird pattern on my neck and chin. some is straight down growth the other comes in at 40 degree angles and half my chin is angle and the other straight.
  8. +1, best way to determine the direction of hair growth. But, this is really not necessary if you adopt the Natural Shaving method I use. To do this just go over each part of your face with the stroke that comes naturally. You will get an excellent shave and minimize the chance of cuts, nicks and irritation, which in may opinion are largely due to trying to force an unnatural action on your hands and arms.
  9. I don't know guys...For me a simple mirror was sufficient or running my hands (sense of touch is very sensitive) across my face and feeling the landscape...More than any cotton method would tell me

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