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  1. Hi All
    I have a brush that I'm thinking of listing on the BST, but without digital calipers I don't have a great way of measuring the loft now that the brush has bloomed. The brush in question is a handmade brush with TGN knot and I don't know the original intended loft. Can I just use something like a small rubber band to hold the knot all together and just measure the height? Or will this not be the 'true' loft?
  2. I put an old fashioned ruler to it. I've always been able to take a measurement and be spot on with a ruler. I just put the ruler to the base of the brush and by eyeballing I can tell the peak of the knot and trace over to the ruler and there you have it you know the loft :)
  3. Put a string around it than divide the string by 2
  4. I use a tape measure that shows inches & mm. I measure when dry but I don't squeeze the knot. I find that my measurements are usually a 1mm of those listed by the manufacturer or reseller. Just state in your sale it's approximate and how it was calculated.
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    Explain please what do you measure like this....
    I use calipers, which will give the most exact measurements. Measure from where the knot comes out of the brush to the tip of the hairs. The Plisson site shows this nicely (although they do not call it loft, but Sortie (= exit). But a ruler will work, too.
  6. You measure the diameter of the knot when devided by 2 it gives you radius = knot
  7. That's lovely, but does nothing for figuring out loft:laugh:

    I don't think you need to be overly accurate here. If in doubt, take a picture with a ruler standing next to the brush, this way, when you sell it the potential buyers can see for themselves - the angle of the camera is important if you do this.

    Also, I can't say I have noticed a measurable change in loft when comparing pre-bloom and post-bloom, so if you know what depth the knot was set at, you should have a good idea of the final loft.
  8. How does radius or diameter or circumference of the knot provide loft? I do agree it is an important value, but dividing by Pi (3.14) is what would provide diameter. C=Pi*D

    Loft is how high the hair extend over the handle. Directly measuring with a good ruler should do fine.

  9. Thank you Rudy. Calipers or ruler work either way.
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    The question was for the loft of a brush, not for radius. Brushes are normally described by their knot size, i.e. knot diameter and loft, i.e. the length of the hair from the exit of the handle to the top of the hair.
  11. :blush:Sorry, for some reason I was thinking knot. For Loft just ol' trusty ruler will do.
  12. Put something recognizable next to the brush so the buyer can get amental image of size:
    Or this:
    Or use a ruler as a backdrop:

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