How to keep a hot towel hot

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  1. OK, so I have been wet shaving for a month or so, and like the whole hot towel deal, but I feel kinda foolish cause well, I cannot keep it

    I use a heavy wash cloth soaked in hot water but the thing cools down to nothing in less than a minute. So some of you experts help a newbie out and pass on a few tricks.

    I am sure after I read them I will be like "DUH" I should have thought of that, but hey it never hurts to ask.
  2. a towel warmer? lol no um what do you do to make your towel warm? maybe you could get a bowel big enough for the towel and fill it with hot water then put the towel in it when your not using it?
  3. My sink is already filled with hot water for the shave so I just dunk and ring the water out as needed.
  4. How long do you need to keep it warm for? I only keep mine on my face for max 30 sec.
  5. Use reasonably thick hand towels rather than wash cloths - that'll keep it warm/hot for much longer.
  6. That is what I remember seeing the barbers do back in the 50's. It was the size of the "hand towel" and rather thick terry cloth. Give it a try. You might become addicted! :001_rolle

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    That's what I do -plus I use a very thick wash cloth.
  8. I'm not sure how long you want it warm for but most barbers that don't have proper towel warmers just bang a damp towel in a microwave for a little bit.

    If you do that though make sure the towel isn't WET only a bit damp and make sure the inside of the towel doesn't get so hot you hurt yourself.

    I've only ever worked in a barbers that has proper towel warmers so unfortunately I can't tell you how long you would need to microwave one for so it might take a bit of trail and error if you want to go down that route but not many people have a microwave in their bathroom :lol: .
  9. I had the same problem. I tend to keep my towel on for two to three minutes. It is very calming. Here is my routine. I fill my sink with hot water. I put my brush and a hand towel in the water while I shower. After my shower, I lather up and put the hot towel on my face. I then take a regular full size towel and lay over top of this. When done, I used the full size towel for the rest of my ritual. Perhaps I'm crazy, but that is what woks for me.

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