How should I use Proraso Pre Shaving Cream & TOBS Avocado

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  1. I just got these today. Being a total n00b, what's the protocol for using these, step by step? The main questions I have are:

    1) After massaging in the Proraso Pre Shaving Cream, do I rinse it off before applying the shaving cream?

    2) In order to make lather in my bowl, do I just dunk my brush into the TOBS tub, or should I use my finger (or a spoon) to scoop up a chunk?

    How do you use these?
  2. What I do is I apply a little of the Proraso after a shower, but you can just wash your face and leave it wet, rub in the Proraso, and leave it on (answer #1) while you work on your lather. For the TOBS Avocado, I find this cream to be on the slightly thicker side of my creams (compared to anything else I have, besides the TOBS rose), but it works fine if you use your brush to get the cream out (answer #2). Not sure what kind of brush you're using, but I leave mine soaking in hot water while I shower, and then shake it out (but not too much, just a couple of shakes to get rid of the excess). I then just gently swirl the tips around on top of the cream until they are loaded (soapy and stuck together well) and proceed to lather. If you need to add water at this point because your lather is too dry, then just drip some in from your fingertips a bit at a time and continue to work the lather until you're at the point you're looking for. Hope this helps, and good luck!

    EDIT: oh, and as for leaving the Proraso on or not, Joshua rinses his off, but I leave it can lather right over it without any problems. I think it even says on the jar that you can lather over it...
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  3. I don't have any creams in a tub so I can't help you there. As for for proraso I put it on before my shower and leave it on until the very end. Then I rinse if off with hot water and go dry off and prepare my lather. Then I use it after my shave to help cool my face and kill any razor burn before I use any AS
  4. I, like Joshua, rinse it off before putting on my soap/cream. The reason I do this is that, while I love the smell of all Proraso products (except the white soap), I find the strong scent interferes with the scent of my lather.
  5. Taylor's Avocado is a great one, no doubt about it. Finger or brush should work to get the cream out of the tub.

    My advice would be just be aware that the amount of cream you will need may differ from others' preferences. Some of the tutorials I have seen on this site use very little cream compared to what I have to use for similar results. I imagine it is a combination of water quality and personal preference.

    Also, my experience was not to add water too quickly. I wasted a lot of cream starting out by adding too much water too soon and getting bubbly or watery lather. I get better results with more whipping and adding water a few drops at a time. When I bowl lather that is. Nowadays I mainly face lather.

    No advice on the Proraso, sorry. Hope this helps!

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