How should I make a brush?

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  1. I want to make a brush, but I cannot find an old brush to rebuild. Where can I get a custom hqndle turned? I live in Canada, but can order online. I know what I want for a handle and knot, but I would want to adjust the knot and glue it myself when I find the right loft. Has anyone tried this? Who made your handle and would you glue the knot yourself? I have no experience with brush making, but I am good with fixing/making things. Should I even attempt it? Thanks!
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    You should ask this in the Brush Making and Restoration subforum. Lots of info and help to be had there.
  3. You would be right. Sorry. Can I get this moved to the right sub-forum please mod's? Thanks!
  4. I buy knots from . Larry Andro also sells knots at , I haven't tried them though.

    I've restored a lot of handles and reknotted them. eBay and BST on the forums here are good sources. Local antique shops and flea markets can be too.

    I've had custom handles turned by MYCarver, see this thread. There are a few other turners/craftsmen who also make them. Rudy Vey is no doubt the most well known. I've had a brush made by Bullseye. I believe there's a member named CoonCatBob who does it also. Quite possibly there are more.

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