How old are you Bay Rum aficionado's?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by tinashubby, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. I've seen multiple references that this is an "old man's scent"

    I have only tried Dominica Bay Rum with Lime:001_wub:, and I am afraid I am getting old.
    Born in 1965 an I can't wait try some of the other brands!!
  2. I'm a huge bay rum fan, and I'm only 31.
  3. 42, and I love Bay Rum... oddly for me, its more of a winter scent. Not sure why...
  4. Gam

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    61 here and qualify for being old,but I always loved bay rum even in my 20's.
  5. 41 and I love it, especially the Dominica.
  6. I turn 60 tomorrow. I guess I am now considered an old man although I still listen to Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.
  7. It could be argued that Hendrix and Zeppelin are "old man" music for the same reason that bay rum is an "old man" scent. It has nothing to do with being for old people, it's that the people who were young at the time that they were popular are now "old" (no offense). Bay rum didn't used to be an "old man" scent, just like many other things associated with "old" people.
  8. I had never smelled bay rum before joining B&B last year so I had no views about it being an old man scent. I love it and wear it at least once a week. I'm 55. Speaking of "old man scents", when I was in high school 40 years ago Old Spice was known as one of those and I'm wondering, how long does that tag stick?
  9. I think it's until a new generation comes along that isn't used to the older generation smelling that way. Old Spice kind of got a fresh start with the younger generation, I think that's why it's popular again.
  10. 43. Love the bay rum once in awhile-but not a daily driver for me. I have Dominica and Captains choice, these will last me a long time see no reason to try any other.
  11. I'm 65 and like the smell of bay rum. There was another thread recently about Old Spice being an old mans scent.
    I have used it off and on since I was 16.

    The only scent I ever associated with "old men" was urine.....

    If you want to smell "young" use Johnsons Baby Powder :biggrin1:
  12. I'm a young 53. :biggrin1: Try Captain's Choice and/or Ogalalla Bay Rum.
  13. My barber used it when I got my hair cut as a youngster, but I never saw any for sale anywhere back then, or at least not once I was buying mens' scents for myself. Until he became too infirm to work one day a week, I used that same barber from age 12 to about age 30, including a trip to see him when I was in town to visit the rest of the family after I moved 200 miles away.

    Only quite recently did I run across any on a retail shelf for sale, and bought some, but I don't use it often, same as I don't use Clubman regularly, although I enjoy each of them occasionally. I admit to a little Seniority. I was 72 last March.
  14. I'm 42 and absolutely LOVE bay rum...I use Captains Choice, Masters, Pinaud, Superior 70...all great and slightly different.
  15. Im 29 and just tried a sample of Captains Choice and am shure ill buy a bottle soon and im also a Ceciltuckyian
  16. 25. I love it. My girlfriend doesn't.
  17. I just turned 27 and love the bay rum, so does my wife (especially Captain's Choice).
  18. Curious , since you are close by, have you found any good shops to purchase shaving related stuff in the area?

    BTW- Joe's Grog House has some real good gumbo
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    +2! I'm a young 69, never used Bay Rum before joining BB and will use either Captain's or a Ogalalla tomorrow as a memorial dedication :thumbup:

  20. In 30 years from now, Axe will be the "old man smell." :lol:

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