How many shaves with a particular grind or size before giving up on it?

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by jred, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Rather than subject my wallet to SRAD, I want to have 2 favorites, and a 3rd slot for trying new things. The 3rd razor might displace #1 or 2, but #3 will be sold/traded on a semi-regular basis.

    So far, I've got a decent razor that I just can't seem to get a comfortable shave out of (honed by whipped dog). I've tried it a half dozen times so far, but I just can't get into it. Is 6 shaves enough of a shot or am I cutting myself short? (har har)

    For the record, it's a half-hollow, and I think it's a 4/8. I'm pretty sure it's the 4/8 part that I don't like.
  2. professorchaos

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    Don't think I'd give a razor more than a handful of bad shaves before I move onto others. The only 4/8s I've liked are near wedges.
  3. For me I will give a razor as long as it takes for me to master it. I also have the intention of collecting razors. If you want to constantly try new styles then I would suggest giving it a week or two. This should be more than enough time to fall in love with it or look else where. You have a lot of razors to try no point in getting hung up on one you don't like, it only makes finding that one you love take that much longer to find.
  4. i no longer shave with anything smaller than a 6/8ths.......

    *(honestly i never shave with anything smaller than 13/16ths..... most of the time 8/8ths~17/16ths...)
  5. I usually give a razor around 10 shaves before I move on, and although I can get any size/shape/grind to shave, I find that I prefer 5/8+, round tip quarter grinds. Wedges are my true favorite shavers, but the honing is such a pain I revert to my stiff quarter grinds.
  6. I have to say I prefer a bigger blade as the extra weight seems to go through the stubble more easily but smaller ones are more nimble.
    How long have you been using a straight? I know that after only a month or so of shaving I couldn't decide whether it's me or the razor that gives me a crap shave!
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    Deciding on the performance of a razor is made easier if you learn to hone. Then you can do your utmost to customize the edge, and if the shave still sucks you can BST it with clear conscience.
  8. I think 4/8 are harder to use, very easy to get more a more acute angle and get cut.
  9. I only cut myself when using more obtuse angles.
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    Well, you know if you want to get another one or not. I ended up selling all my 4/8 after a while. I mean, they don't give me the same shave than a 6/8... YMMV

    Bottom line:
    • If you feel it's time to switch, it's time
    • 3 razors isn't much, I wish you luck on maintaining that. I was supposed to have 24 razors top and I now have 29...
    • A good razor is something that you will need to find yourself. My best razor could be your worse shaver
    • The size (width) of the blade is one thing, then you got to consider the grind and probably provenance. A 6/8 French wedge does not shave like a 6/8 Japanese Full hollow.

  11. What exactly do you mean by you can't get a comfortable shave?

    I usually stick with it until I figure it out. Now if it just doesn't feel comfortable in hand, I would check into trading it in with Larry.
  12. I've ended up shaving with most sizes of razors from 4/8 up. There are stellar blades in all the sizes.

    Six shaves - is that the total you've ever done with a straight? If so, it is not enough to form opinions for most people. YMMV. I've gone back to razors that I didn't like when I first used them, retuned them a bit, and found them to be marvelous razors.

    I like some of my 4/8 - they are very nimble and easy to use. I like the larger choppers, too but they give a different experience. It is strange how straights have different personalities... even straights that are from the same ilk. I have a GD that I've used for travel quite a bit and it is like using a well-known tool. I always get a comfortable shave from it. I have other GDs that give me the 'meh' feeling.

    As far as advice - assuming you are fairly new to shaving - I would recommend, as others have, getting more experience and making sure your razor is nice and sharp. Revisit your uber plan after you have a firm basis for understanding the razor.
  13. I have never had to give up on any razor.
  14. It's very sharp and touching your face so the razor should feel good in your hand. I've had several razors that I really liked for one reason or another that just didn't feel right and gave me poor shaves. Even when properly honed. There are always more razors. I'd move on after several bad shaves.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I've been straight shaving for 3 or so months. I started with one of Larry's, a 6/8 hollow ugly & wanted to try a half hollow, so I got asked for one with the fancy whipped dog scales (I think it's 4/8, it's tiny). I also picked up a 5 or 6/8 1/4 hollow, and I do fine with either of the big ones.

    It's possible my angle is off, but it just seems to not have enough weight to chop through my beard (look to the left to see me pre-straights). I don't get visible razor burn, but my face feels warm the next 24 hrs, and the trouble areas are rarely very close. I mostly just quit before I tear my face up, not after I get a decent shave.

    I know Larry will swap it out for a nominal fee, but it *is* a pretty razor. I think I'll just figure out the rules for BST & look for a trade. I think I want to try a shorty, or something that can be turned into a shorty.
  16. If you think it is truly sharp then you could just trade it. It may just need tuning a bit.
  17. +1 I like the challenge
  18. Give up on a razor maybe one or two tops but not lately. Honing has helped me not give up. Matter of fact the only razor Ive given up on for honing is a W&B that is marked for 'Gentlemans Use'. I breadknifed some microchips out and it just wont get sharp again. It's probably because I don't want to tape the spine but since its a wedge I know that I should just do it. But yeah sorry, wedges are the only type that I've given up on and that not finished yet.
  19. Yep, that's what I meant.
  20. Yea that will take some serious work on low grit to get it back to shave ready. The horror-a bread knifed wedge-no tougher honing task.

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